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8 Powerful Benefits of Combining House Removal and Storage Solutions

Havana Dauncey
· February 14, 2024
8 Powerful Benefits of Combining House Removal and Storage Solutions

Some people need house removal services, some need storage solutions — you may need both!

One of the many stresses of moving homes is choosing the right moving company that fits all your needs and your budget. One thing that many don’t realise is the power of combining house removal and storage services to streamline your move and take it to the next level.

Here are all the benefits of living the best of both worlds by combining house removal and storage solutions, plus how to find the best nationwide removal and storage companies with Wise Move. Let’s get started!

1. Downsize to Fit Your New Home

If you’re downsizing into a smaller home or just want to declutter your space, you can opt to put some of your furniture in storage. This way you can still keep the items you want but not necessarily in your home without having to get rid of them.

With house removal and storage services, you send some items to your new home and some to storage all in one shot.

2. Stay Organised During the Moving Process

Working with a moving company that offers both house removal and storage solutions gives you the opportunity to get ahead of your move, stay organised and avoid the chaos that often comes with moving houses.

Instead of moving everything all in one day, you can start moving the non-essential items out of the house and into temporary storage in advance.

This opens up your home so that you have more physical and mental space to pack and prep for your move. It also helps separate your belongings, keeping things organised and preventing things from getting mixed up and lost.

3. Simplify Your Communications

You can save time, energy and stress trying to find two separate companies for removals and storage, reaching out and receiving multiple quotes for each. Rather, you can choose to only deal with one company, simplifying your communications and killing two birds with one stone.

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It also helps avoid any complications during the moving process, as you don’t have to worry about your removal services and storage services miscommunicating with one another and causing a mess. And if anything goes wrong, you know exactly who to call to fix it!

4. Save on Storage Costs When Moving

Instead of having to pay two separate companies, one for house removals and another for storage, you only have to pay one. And by bundling these storage costs when moving, you’ll often find it to be a lot cheaper, helping you save on the already major costs of moving homes.

To help bring customers in, moving companies will offer additional storage solutions at more affordable and competitive prices and discounts. Plus, you’ll likely find more flexible storage options that suit your specific moving needs, so you don’t end up paying for storage longer than you need to.

5. Store Your Belongings During Renovations

House removals and storage during renovations

When moving into a new home, you may have to do some touch-ups or renovations. By combining your house move removal and storage services into one, you can easily store your belongings to keep them out of the way and prevent them from getting damaged while you finish up your remodelling — whether it’s just touching up the paint in one room, redoing some floors or changing up your entire home.

When your home is finally perfect, you can simply take your furniture out of storage and come together with your renovations to create your own utopia.

6. Start Buying New Furniture

Found some crazy discounts on the perfect furniture for your new place, but it’s available for a limited time only? No worries! Instead of missing your chance or cluttering your packing space with a bunch of new items, you can start buying the items you want beforehand and send them straight to storage. So when moving day finally rolls along, you can haul out your beautiful new decor and transport it to your new home with all your other belongings.

Another perk is that you don’t have to sit around in a half-empty house for a while after moving in. You can immediately turn your house into a home and ensure a smooth transition into your next chapter.

7. Protect Your Belongings

Protect belongings with house removal and storage solutionsPutting your belongings in storage can come with some extra concerns about the safety and protection of your items, especially if you aren’t sure which storage facilities are best. But with reputable removal and storage companies, you have that extra bit of assurance that they would partner with only the best and most secure storage services.

Having the option of storage while moving also gives you the opportunity to store your more valuable and fragile items away during the chaotic packing and transporting process, making sure they don’t get lost, misplaced or damaged.

8. Take Advantage of a More Flexible Timeline

One of the best things about combining removal and storage companies is the flexibility in the moving journey.

Need to move some things out earlier to get your house ready for potential buyers? No problem, just put it in storage. Is there a short period of time between having to move out of your old place and your move-in date? Don’t worry — you can just put all your belongings in storage while you crash at a friend's or rent temporary accommodation. Have a packed and tight schedule? All good! You can move things out and into your new place in bits and pieces at times and at a pace that works for you.

How to Find The Best Removal and Storage Companies

Decided to upgrade your move with a moving company that offers both house removal and storage services? Nice! Now you just need to know how to find the best removal and storage companies near you. That’s where Wise Move comes in!

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With Wise Move’s moving company platform, you can instantly connect with the top-rated and most affordable nationwide house removal and storage services without going out of your way to find them — they come to you! All you have to do is post your moving request with the details of your moving, stating that you require both house removal and storage services, and the best movers for the job will send you their quotes to compare.

Check out Wise Move and uncover the top removal and storage companies in South Africa!

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R 2,800
Sophiatown, Johannesburg
Sophiatown, Johannesburg
Reviewed 10 hours ago
HUGE THANK YOU to Steve, Leon, Amos and team. The service received has surpassed our expectations. They were super careful with each and every item, so helpful, kept us guided, reassured and well informed at all times. Excellent customer service! BLESSINGS WITH THANKS TO YOU ALL for making our move run so smooth and making our day :) Really appreciate. Superb service!!! Highly recommend!!!
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Great experience, thank you
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They were helpful, professional, confident and took great care with every single item.
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Pretoria Central, Pretoria
Elardus Park, Pretoria
Reviewed 17 hours ago
Great team. They assisted me with moving out my 2 bedroom apartment furniture all in one go. Their communication skills are top tier. Took good care of the furniture very well. They wrapped all the items that needed wrapping- just to be aware this is at an extra cost, R650 which is fixed for everything that needs to be wrapped. It was worth though because at first I was hesitant but I ended going for it and oh boy I’m happy that I did go it. It gives you peace of mind regarding your furniture. They did not scratch any of my furniture They are also very professional. In terms of punctuality- it was not that bad they only arrived 20mins later that the agreed time. I will recommend the FNK Kaya Moving company at any time. Just make sure you communicate with them the luggage you have and how many people you think might be needed. I also shared pictures of my furniture with them prior and I believe it did help them a lot Also to Thank the WiseMove software It makes finding transport for moving very easy. Thanks guys. KUDUS🔥🔥
R 6,900
3 bedroom house move
3rd Street, Hermanus
Milkwood Way, Jacobs Bay
Reviewed 1 day ago
I loved working with Brian and his wonderful team. Will use them again and recommend anytime! They were full of fun, but also very efficient! Thank you!
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