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The Cost of Monthly Storage in South Africa | Quick Guide

The Cost of Monthly Storage in South Africa | Quick Guide

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Whether you're downsizing your living space, temporarily relocating, or simply need extra room for your belongings, finding reliable and affordable storage solutions is essential. In South Africa, the cost of storage per month for furniture varies across different regions and cities. This guide aims to provide you with an overview of the factors that influence storage costs and offers insights into pricing trends in various areas.

Factors Affecting Storage Costs

Several factors contribute to the monthly cost of storage for furniture in South Africa. Understanding these factors will help you make an informed decision about where to store your belongings and what you can expect to pay.

Location of your storage unit

Storage costs are heavily influenced by the area in which the storage facility is located. Urban centres like Cape Town, Johannesburg, and Durban tend to have higher prices due to higher demand and cost of living.

Storage Facility Type

Different storage facilities offer varying levels of security, accessibility, and amenities. Basic self-storage units will be more affordable compared to climate-controlled units or full-service storage options.

Storage Unit Type and Costs in South Africa

Storage Unit Size

The size of the storage unit you need plays a significant role in determining the cost. Larger units will naturally cost more than smaller ones.


Many storage facilities offer different pricing tiers based on how long you plan to store your furniture. Long-term storage contracts might offer discounts compared to short-term arrangements.

Security Features

Storage facilities with advanced security features, such as 24/7 surveillance, access control, and on-site personnel, tend to charge higher prices.

Additional Services

Some storage facilities offer extra services like pickup and delivery, packing assistance, and insurance coverage. These services can impact the overall cost.

Regional Variations in Storage Costs

Let's take a closer look at how storage costs can vary in different regions of South Africa:

Cape Town Storage

Being one of the most expensive cities in South Africa, storage costs in Cape Town tend to be on the higher side. Monthly prices for a large storage unit can range from R700 to R2000.

Cape Town Storage Prices

Johannesburg Storage

As the largest city and economic hub, Johannesburg also has a wide range of storage options. You can find large unit sizes for around R450 to R1,850 per month.

Durban Storage

With its Harbor, Durban offers many options when it comes to storage and a slightly lower price range. Storage units can cost around R400 to R1,300 per month.

Port Elizabeth Storage

PE typically offers more affordable storage solutions, with prices ranging from R350 to R1,100 per month.

Bloemfontein Storage

As a smaller city, Bloemfontein tends to have the most budget-friendly storage rates. You can expect to pay around R600 to R900 per month for a standard unit.

What to consider when choosing storage in South Africa

It's important to assess the following aspects when choosing a storage facility:


Look for facilities with robust security measures, including CCTV surveillance, secure access points, and reliable locking mechanisms.

Storage prices and security

Climate Control

If you're storing sensitive furniture items, such as wooden antiques or leather couches, consider climate-controlled units to protect them from extreme temperatures and humidity.


Check whether the storage facility offers insurance coverage for your belongings. If not, consider acquiring separate insurance to safeguard your furniture.


Ensure that the storage facility's operating hours align with your schedule. Some facilities offer 24/7 access, while others have specific hours of operation.

Reviews and Reputation

Research online reviews and seek recommendations from friends or family to gauge the facility's reputation and customer satisfaction.

Storage Unit Prices South Africa

Ready to book your storage unit?

When it comes to storing your furniture in South Africa, understanding the cost factors and regional differences will help you make an informed decision. Consider the size of the storage unit, the location of the facility, and the additional services provided.

Remember that while affordability is important, security and the protection of your furniture should also be top priorities. By evaluating your options carefully, you can find a storage solution that meets your needs and budget in the diverse landscape of South Africa's storage market.

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Vetted moving companies service trusted by thousands of South Africans. Easy Storage Moves. Fixed Prices. Trusted Services!

9.3 · 3,504 reviews
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