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Guide to Pet Adoption in South Africa | What You Need to Know
Here's everything you need to know about pet adoption in South Africa — from the pet adoption requirements and fees to the top pet adoption agencies near you!
Understanding South African Politics | A Simplified Guide for New Residents
Here's the complete guide to South African politics — including the levels of government, a breakdown of the elections and the main political parties.
Understanding The Real Estate Mandate
Discover the various real estate mandates, learn how they impact the sale of your property, and choose the right type to streamline your selling process.
Top 15 Kid-Friendly Things to Do in Durban for the Family
Here are the top 15 family-friendly activities in Durban for the ultimate family outing — from sun-soaked beach days to a thrilling swing across a stadium.
Capital Gains Tax in South African Real Estate | Quick Guide
Selling a property in South Africa accounts for some potentially tricky situations. These include attorneys, certificates of compliance and the scariest sounding of them all, Capital Gains Tax.
The Complete Guide to House Sharing in South Africa
Discover the benefits and considerations of house sharing, from cost-saving to cohabitation rules. Learn how to choose housemates and handle issues smartly.
The Home Loan – What Every Home Buyer Should Know
The process of buying your first home should be anything but intimidating. There may be a number of factors to consider before signing along the dotted line, and many of those factors can induce a sudden patch of grey hair if you are caught unawares. That’s why we’ve taken the time to discuss one aspect we know you should be aware of, the home loan.
How to Use Bubble Wrap Furniture During a Moving
Here's our complete bubble wrap guide with our expert tips on how to use bubble wrap effectively to help protect your precious items and ensure a secure move.
Discover the 8 Best Beaches in Port Elizabeth
Here’s everything you need to know about the 8 best beaches in Port Elizabeth to help you find the perfect beach day in South Africa’s Windy City.
Moving with Cats | 10 Tips for a Purrfect Move
Whether you're moving across town or across the country, these 10 tips will help ensure a purrfect move for your cat — from getting them ready to settling in.
Unlock the Top 10 Escape Rooms South Africa
Here's everything you need to know about the top 10 escape rooms across South Africa for thrill-seekers looking for a challenging and puzzle-filled adventure.
Living in Plettenberg Bay | The Complete Guide
Here’s everything you need to know about living in Plettenberg Bay — from its best neighbourhoods and cost of living to the local climate and top activities
8 Essential Tips for First-Time Renters in South Africa
Here are our 8 essential tips that all first-time renters in South Africa should know to help you avoid common renting mistakes and find the perfect new home.
The 8 Best Local Courier Services in Cape Town
Here are the top 8 courier services in Cape Town, plus the easiest way to find local delivery companies, to help you find the right courier solution for you.
Quick Guide to South Africa’s 12 Official Languages
Check out our quick guide to South Africa’s 12 official languages with everything you need to know about South Africa’s diverse linguistic landscape.
10 Effective Tips to Reduce Your Living Expenses in 2024
To help ease your financial stress in 2024, here are our top 10 tips and tricks to cut down on your living expenses without sacrificing your quality of life.
The 15 Best Affordable Restaurants in Stellenbosch to Suit Your Student Budget
Here's the complete local guide to Stellenbosch's best affordable restaurants for your student budget with all the tricks to get the best bang for your buck.
16 Top Primary Schools and High Schools in Paarl
To help decide if Paarl holds the perfect educational environment for your children to thrive, here are the top primary schools and high schools in Paarl.
Where to Buy a TV Box When Moving in South Africa
Here’s everything you need to know about buying a TV moving box — including why you need a TV box and all the best places to buy a TV box in South Africa.
The Courier Guy Services and Prices Explained
Let’s take a look at The Courier Guy's full range of services and break down their prices to find out if The Courier Guy is the right courier company for you.
The Top 20 Beaches in Cape Town for the Perfect Beach Day
Here’s the complete list of the 20 best beaches in Cape Town to help you find the ultimate Cape Town beach day with white sands and crystal blue waters.
The Role of Moving Insurance in Safeguarding Relocation
Here’s the comprehensive guide to navigating the complexities of moving home insurance, including the essential role it plays in safeguarding your relocation.
The 10 Best Small Towns to Move to in South Africa in 2024
To get you started on your small-town adventure, here are the top 10 small towns in South Africa that many South Africans are now calling their new homes.
8 Powerful Benefits of Combining House Removal and Storage Solutions
Here are all the benefits of combining house removal and storage solutions, plus how to find the best nationwide removal and storage companies with Wise Move.
How to Create A Moving Inventory List with Wise Move
Moving your furniture inventory list online is the way to go. Here's the best online tool to create your complete moving inventory list in just a few clicks.
Navigating Address Changes During Your House Moving Process
Address changes when moving can seem like an added stress. So here’s everything you need to know about the process of address changes for a smooth transition.
The Top 10 Home Insurance Companies in South Africa
Let’s check out the top 10 home insurance companies in South Africa and their unique offerings and benefits to help protect your precious home and belongings.
10 Cultural Etiquette Tips for Newcomers to South Africa
Whether you’re passing through or making the move, here are our top 10 cultural etiquette tips for newcomers to help you settle in South Africa in no time.
Top 20 Things to Do in Johannesburg | A Local’s Guide
The City of Gold has a wealth of things to see and do. Here’s the ultimate guide to the top 20 things to do in Johannesburg for some incredible experiences.
Is It Cheaper to Stay in a Hotel or Airbnb in South Africa?
Let's settle the debate once and for all and compare prices for hotels and Airbnbs in South Africa to find out which accommodation option is the cheapest.
SA Yorkie Rescue: Saving Lives One Precious Paw at a Time
SA Yorkie Rescue works to protect Yorkies across South Africa. Check out its special story, mission, service, challenges and all the ways you can support them.
10 Best Spots to Buy Art In Johannesburg
Here are the top 10 places to buy art in Johannesburg to uncover your next great masterpiece, from renowned galleries to hidden gems waiting to be discovered.
10 Simple Steps to Prepare Your Motorcycle for Transport
Here's what you need to know to prepare your motorcycle for transport in 10 easy steps, ensuring your motorcycle gets to its destination in perfect condition.
Celebrating South Africa's Coffee Culture: A Journey from Bean to Brew
Here’s everything you need to know about South Africa’s booming coffee culture — from its rich history to the contemporary journey from bean to brew.
The 15 Best Housewarming Gift Ideas for Every New Home
Choosing the perfect housewarming gift can be tricky. To help you, here are the 15 best housewarming gift ideas that have practicality, sentiment and style.
The 10 Best Places to Buy Art in Cape Town
If you're looking to decorate your living space with a piece of Cape Town's artistic soul, here are some of the 10 best places to buy art in the Mother City.
How to Sell Furniture on Junk Mail in 8 Easy Steps
Here’s everything you need to know about how to sell furniture on Junk Mail in 8 simple steps, ensuring a seamless and successful selling experience.
Top 10 Remote Work Destinations in South Africa For Digital Nomads
South Africa has become a hotspot for digital nomads. Here are the 10 best destinations in South Africa for remote work to help you pick the right one for you.
Cape Town Student Accommodation | Ultimate Guide
Here's the in-depth guide to student accommodation in Cape Town with the various student accommodation types, best neighbourhoods and right places to look.
Exploring South Africa's Film Industry: Local Gems to International Hits
Here's everything you need to know about South Africa's booming film industry, from the local gems that highlight the nation's stories to the global hits.
The Pros and Cons of Living in Rural South Africa
Here’s a breakdown of the pros and cons of living in rural South Africa — from natural beauty and cheaper housing to limited resources and social isolation.
Can A Foreigner Buy a Car in South Africa?
Here's everything you need to know about buying a car in South Africa as a foreigner, ensuring a smooth move to your new home overseas in the Rainbow Nation.
The Best New Year's Parties in South Africa to Start 2024 With a Bang
Here are the top New Year's Eve parties in every major South African city to find the perfect way to say goodbye to 2023 and celebrate the start of 2024.
Cape Town vs. Johannesburg: Which South African City is Better to Live In?
Is it better to live in Cape Town or Johannesburg? Here’s the complete breakdown of Cape Town vs Johannesburg to help figure out which city is better for you.
Exploring South Africa's Transportation Services | A Beginner's Guide
Here’s the complete beginner's guide to South Africa's transportation services with everything you need to know to get from A to B in the Rainbow Nation.
Where to Adopt a Cat or Dog in Johannesburg
Are you looking to give a cat or dog their forever home? Here's the list of the top 8 places to adopt a pet in Johannesburg to find your furry new friend.
Bloemfontein Student Accommodation Guide for 2024
Here's the complete guide to student accommodation in Bloemfontein — from the different types of student accommodation to the best places to look and more.
Navigating Public Holidays in South Africa
Here's everything you need to know about public holidays in South Africa, how many there are, when they are, what they mean, how they are celebrated and more.
Safe Transitions: Relocation Support for Domestic Violence Survivors in South Africa
If you're facing domestic violence, securing support for relocating from your current residence is a crucial step towards safety and recovery.
10 Best Places to Adopt a Dog or Cat in Cape Town
Looking to adopt a new furry friend? In the name of Adopt Don't Shop, here’s a list of the top 10 animal rescue shelters to adopt a dog or cat in Cape Town.
Grahamstown Student Accommodation Guide For 2024
This guide to student accommodation in Grahamstown shares everything you need to know, from the three types of student accommodation to the best areas to look.
10 Proudly South African Companies You Should Know About
Local is Lekker! Here are 10 remarkable South African businesses that contribute to the local community and showcase the unique flavours of the Rainbow Nation.
Top 8 Native South African Indoor House Plants for Your Home
Explore South Africa's best indigenous and native houseplants 🌿 perfect for your home. Transform your space into a vibrant, green oasis 🏡✨
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