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Backloading vs. Shared Loads | Making Your Next Move Smoother and Smarter

By · October 31, 2023
Backloading vs. Shared Loads | Making Your Next Move Smoother and Smarter

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What are you moving?

Moving can be as exciting as it is daunting, especially when you're navigating the bustling roads and diverse landscapes of South Africa. Whether you're moving from the vibrant streets of Johannesburg to the stunning coastlines of Cape Town, or simply shifting neighborhoods, understanding your moving options is key to a stress-free transition. Two popular choices are backloading and shared loads. Let's dive into what these terms mean and how they can benefit your moving experience.

Understanding Backloading: A Cost-Effective Surprise

Imagine you've booked a flight, but the airline offers you a cheaper ticket because the plane is flying that route anyway. That's backloading in the moving world. It involves placing your items in a truck that's returning empty after its initial delivery.

This method is a win-win: the moving company doesn't waste a return trip, and you get a discounted rate. It's like catching a ride with a friend who's already going your way.

Benefits of Backloading

Cost-Effective: Since the truck is already making the journey, your costs are significantly reduced. It's economical and efficient.

Flexibility: Backloading is perfect for those with flexible moving dates. You can often find a backload at short notice.

Eco-Friendly: By maximizing the use of the truck's capacity, backloading reduces carbon emissions, making it a greener choice.

Shared Loads: Sharing is Caring on the Move

Shared loads, on the other hand, are like carpooling. Your belongings share truck space with others' items, heading in the same direction. This method is organized in advance and involves coordinating with multiple clients to fill a truck.

Benefits of Shared Loads

Cost Savings: Sharing the truck means sharing the cost. It's economical, especially for smaller moves.

Security and Efficiency: Professional movers carefully segment and secure each client's belongings, ensuring safety and organization.

Eco-friendly: Sharing a truck means less wasted space. You win, the mover wins and the environment wins.

Making the Best Choice for Your Move

When to Choose Backloading

Ideal for Last-Minute Moves: If you're not bound by strict moving dates, backloading offers great last-minute deals.

Small to Medium Loads: Perfect if you're not moving an entire household.

Flexibility is Your Friend: If you can be flexible about delivery times, backloading is a fantastic option.

When to Opt for Shared Loads

Planned Moves: If you can plan your move in advance, shared loads offer a structured and economical option.

Any Size Loads: Great for when you have more (or less) items, as you're assured of space reserved just for you.

More Predictable Schedule: If you need your items moved between specific dates, shared loads are more predictable.

Embracing the Journey

Moving is more than just transporting items; it's about transitioning to a new chapter in life. Whether you choose backloading or shared loads, both options offer unique advantages that cater to different needs.

Remember, the key to a successful move is not just in the packing but in choosing the right moving company for your journey. Whether you're watching the sunrise over the Drakensberg mountains or the sunset by the Atlantic, let your move be part of the beautiful South African tapestry.

Happy moving, and here's to new beginnings and exciting adventures on the horizon! 🚚✨

Get the Best Movers

Vetted moving companies service trusted by thousands of customers. Door to Door Delivery. Any Item Type. Same Day Services. Fixed Prices.

9.3 · 3,504 reviews
What are you moving?

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R 2,800
2 bedroom house move
Moreleta Park, Pretoria
Hennopspark, Centurion
Reviewed 13 hours ago
Excellent service thank you
R 3,200
2 bedroom house move
Cape Town
Cape Town
Reviewed 15 hours ago
We had a great experience with Christo and we moved from a 2 bedroom townhouse to a 2 bedroom appartment on the 4 th floor. (3km away) Big truck was used so all was moved in one go. We had some doubts on the bigger cupboards but they carried all. Covered everything in blankets. Nothing was damaged or broken. They arrived 5-10min early with 4 guys and we were finished offloading around 14h30. Went so fast. Assisted with putting things together and made sure it was put on the place we wanted it. Definately a guy to go to. Big thumb up and thank you
R 3,500
Sea Park, Port Shepstone
Cape Town
Reviewed 20 hours ago
This is the second time that Marthinus of Cheetah Express transported my bike, this time from Port Shepstone to Cape Town. As always he sent me a pic of my bike once loaded and regularly communicated until I received my bike. It is always comforting to know that my bike is good hands and therefore I highly recommend Cheetah Express! Thank you Marthinus and team!
R 2,900
Linbro Park, Sandton
Christoburg, Centurion
Reviewed 1 day ago
Very happy with Nicholas and his team, they were professional, friendly and very careful with all our goods. Highly recommended !
R 1,250
Pomona, Kempton Park
Farrarmere, Benoni
Reviewed 1 day ago
Brilliant service and friendly.
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