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How to Use Bubble Wrap Effectively to Secure Your Move

By · April 3, 2024
How to Use Bubble Wrap Effectively to Secure Your Move

Moving to a new home can be both exciting and stressful, especially when it comes to packing and protecting your belongings. One of the most important tools in your packing arsenal is bubble wrap. Beyond its bubble-popping allure, bubble wrap is a reliable packing material for safeguarding fragile items during transit.

Bubble wrap is most effective when used correctly. To help you protect your precious items and ensure a secure move, here are our expert tips on how to use bubble wrap effectively.

When Do I Use Bubble Wrap?

To bubble wrap, or not to bubble wrap? That is the question…

Using bubble wrap incorrectly can either result in wrapping items you shouldn’t, wasting time, money and your precious bubble wrap, or not wrapping items you should and risk damaging them.

To help you wrap wisely, here’s a breakdown of when to use bubble wrap:

#1 Fragile Items

Bubble wrap is indispensable for protecting fragile items such as glassware, ceramics, porcelain and electronics. Any item that is prone to breakage or damage during the move should be wrapped in bubble wrap to provide an extra layer of cushioning and protection.

#2 Irregularly Shaped Items

Bubble Wrap Items with Irregular ShapeItems with irregular shapes or protruding parts can be challenging to pack securely. Bubble wrap conforms to the shape of the item, providing customised protection and minimising the risk of damage during handling and transportation.

#3 Items with Sharp Edges or Corners

Sharp edges and corners are vulnerable to impact and compression during transit. Plus, they also pose a risk of damaging surrounding items.

Bubble wrap acts as a buffer, absorbing shocks and preventing damage to delicate edges and corners. Be sure to wrap these areas thoroughly to ensure effective protection.

#4 Valuable or Sentimental Item

Bubble wrap valuable items like artItems with sentimental or monetary value, like antiques and art, deserve extra care and attention during the packing process. Bubble wrap provides a reliable barrier against potential damage, giving you peace of mind knowing that your treasured possessions are safeguarded throughout the move.

#5 Long-Distance Moves

For long-distance moves where items may be subjected to long periods of transportation and handling, bubble wrap is essential for minimising the risk of damage. The cushioning provided by bubble wrap helps protect items from vibrations, bumps and shifts during the journey, ensuring they arrive at their destination intact.

Packing Tips To Use Bubble Wrap Effectively

Now that we've covered when to use bubble wrap, let's explore effective tips for using it during the packing process to ensure a secure move.

  •  Choose the Right Bubble Wrap

Not all bubble wrap is created equal.

Opt for high-quality bubble wrap with smaller bubbles for maximum protection. While larger bubbles may provide sufficient cushioning for bulkier items, smaller bubbles offer better coverage and protection for delicate objects such as glassware, ceramics and electronics.

You can even invest in some biodegradable bubble wrap for a more eco-friendly move.

  • Set it up on a Flat Surface

When setting up your bubble wrapping station, make sure to use a large flat, dry and uncluttered surface.

This ensures you have the stability you need to wrap properly. You also want plenty of space to wrap any item, no matter the size. Recommended surfaces are the floor or a large table.

  • Use the Right Side

Another big question when it comes to bubble wrap — is there a right side to use when wrapping with bubble wrap?

The answer is yes! When you are using bubble wrap, you want to put the flat side of the bubble wrap down on the surface so that the bubbles are facing upwards. This means that when you wrap your item, the bubbles are on the inside, providing your item with the utmost protection.

  • Wrap Items Individually

Bubble wrap items individuallyResist the temptation to cut corners by wrapping multiple items together.

Each fragile item should be wrapped individually in bubble wrap to prevent them from knocking against each other during transit. This individual wrapping ensures that each item receives adequate cushioning and protection against impacts.

  • Start with a Secure Base

Before wrapping delicate items, create a secure base layer using packing paper or foam padding at the bottom of moving boxes. This extra layer of cushioning helps absorb shocks and vibrations during transportation, further protecting your belongings from damage.

  • Use Multiple Layers

When wrapping fragile items with bubble wrap, don't skimp on layers. Wrap each item with at least two layers of bubble wrap, ensuring complete coverage and protection.

Pay special attention to delicate areas such as handles, corners and protrusions, adding extra layers, padding or corner guards as needed for extra reinforcement.

  • Secure the Bubble Wrap with Tape

Secure bubble wrap with tapeAfter wrapping items in bubble wrap, secure the wraps with high-quality packing tape.

Be sure to seal all seams and edges to prevent the bubble wrap from unravelling during transit. Additionally, reinforce the corners and edges of boxes with extra tape for added stability and protection.

While the tape is essential for protection, it also makes it a bit more tricky to unwrap. This is why it is important to use scissors when unwrapping instead of trying to rip the tape.

  • Fill Empty Spaces

Empty spaces mean spaces where your items can move around and collide with the walls of the box and other items. That’s why it’s best to avoid empty spaces as much as possible.

You can take advantage of your leftover bubble wrap to fill empty spaces within boxes and prevent items from shifting during transportation. Crumple up excess bubble wrap or use it to pad around fragile items to minimise movement and keep them snugly in place.

  • Label Fragile Items Clearly

Label fragile item to use bubble wrap correctly

Clearly mark boxes containing fragile items with "Fragile" labels or stickers. This alerts movers and handlers to exercise extra caution when handling these boxes, reducing the likelihood of mishandling or rough treatment during transit.

Place these boxes on top of heavier or sturdier items to prevent crushing or compression.

  • Consider Specialised Bubble Wrap Products

For particularly delicate or irregularly shaped items, consider using specialised bubble wrap products such as bubble wrap pouches, sleeves or foam-lined bubble wrap. You can even pair this with custom boxes, like TV boxes.

These tailored solutions provide custom-fit protection for specific items, ensuring optimal cushioning and security during transportation.

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