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Best Towing Service Near Me | South Africa

Best Towing Service Near Me | South Africa

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As much as we love our vehicles, we’ve all found ourselves in a situation where we need some help. Whether you ignored your fuel light a little too long, burst a tyre or worse, you’ll need to contact a car towing service to help you out. 

Here is our list of the best towing services near you - all over SA, they're standing by to get you home safely!

Towing Services in Johannesburg

Hookers Towing

Towing Services South Africa

Hookers Towing is a Cape Town based towing services company that offers a wide range of services. They not only assist you for your vehicle towing needs, they also offer the best roadside assistance. From jump starting your vehicle to tyre replacements, their team can handle almost anything that is related to vehicle problems. Need emergency fuel runs? They got you covered!

This company is also affiliated with most insurance companies so so this only adds to their client's assurance that they are in good hands.

Other Services: Light duty to medium duty towing, motorcycle towing, classic car towing, long-distance towing, winch outs, towing up to 6 tons, flat battery assist, flat tyre assist, fuel runs / family runs, and overnight safe and secure storage.

Location: Cape Town and Southern Suburbs

Pomona Towing Services

Towing Services South Africa

Pomona Towing Services has been in the towing and transportation industry for 32 years. It started as a small towing service in 1984 and has since then expanded substantially over the years. They not only acceot towing requests but also transportation of specialized equipment and abnormal loads.

As the industry changes, Pomono towing Services made sure to be updated with the latest technology to be able to provide their customers exceptional service. If you want to get your abnormal loads transportaed with maximum efficiency and is looking for a cost-effective way to get the job done, this company is the perfect fit for you. All of their trucks are equipped with tracking units so you'd know at all times where your load is.

Other Services: Transportation of plant and equipment, transportation of abnormal loads, low clearance machinery, towing services, goods-in-transit insurance, and nationwide / cross-border transportation.

Location: Gauteng and all over South Africa

Tow Assist SA

Towing Services South Africa

Tow Assist SA offers a wide range of services which includes forklift transport, vehicle towing, sprinter van towing, heavy duty mud recoveries, limousine towing, truck towing, tractor transport, and TLB transport.

Their services are carried out by their proffesional team giving their customer efficient service. They are available 24/7 for your convenience. They are also a Wesbank Fleet RT46 merchant and service provider.

Other Services: Truck repairs and services, cash-in-transit vehicle transportation, heavy duty towing, tractor transport, vehicle towing, forklift transport, and TLB transport.

Location: Across South Africa

Kunlex Towing

Towing Services South Africa

Breakdowns and car problems can happen at any given time and during emergency situations. This is why Kunlex Towing operates provides 24-hour services because they understand their customers needs. Their trained operators will take your calls promptly and they use GPS technology to get the accurate location of your whereabouts and help can be dispatched to you as quickly as possible. Even if your car breaks down in the middle of the road, Kunlex Towing will be able to get you.

As for emergency towing situations, Kunlex Towing dispatching centre will immediately allocate the available tow truck that will suit your towing needs. They have a safe storage facilities in Johannesburg to ensure your car's safety. When your vehicle is collected and you need a ride to work or at home, their friendly drivers will be more than happy to drop you off.

Serving 34 locations and served happy 4,638 customers, you can never go wrong with the services that Kunlex Towing has to offer.

Services: Hauling Services, Roadside Assist, Towing and Recovery, and they're open 24/7, Battery Jumpstart, Tyre Replacement, Fuel Delivery, Resolve Mechanical Faults, and Locksmith for Key-Lockouts.

Location: Johannesburg

Towing Cars Services

Towing Services South Africa

Towing Cars Services is a road assistance service provider based in Johannesburg. They are a reputable service provider bringing quality services and quick turnaround time. They offer competitive rates to meet their customers specific needs. They are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week top serve you better. Their fleet consists of slings, rollbacks, and roadside assistance vehicles.

Services: Accident Recovery Services, Collection and Drop-Off Services, Light-Duty Towing Services, Emergency Roadside Assistance, Vehicle Jump-Start, Fuel Delivery, and Standard Vehicle Tyre Change.

Location: Gauteng, Soweto, Johannesburg North, Johannesburg South, West Rand, and the East Rand. 

Spinnekopp Tow

Based in Centurion, Gauteng, Spinnekopp Tow can tow your car anywhere in South Africa, no matter the time or day.

This dedicated team also offers emergency roadside assistance, tyre changing, and jump-starting. 

Did you tell yourself you’d just get fuel tomorrow on your way to work and now you’ve found yourself sitting on the side of the road? Well, Spinnekop  Tow services even include bringing you fuel to get you on your way again! 

Other Services: Roadside assistance with “Tow Truck Near Me”, accident tow & clearing, and mechanical tow.

Location: Centurion

Towing Services in Cape Town

Dynamic Towing Solutions

Dynamic Towing Solutions was established in 2007 by Gustav Hoffman. They offers affordable, reliable, and safe towing and roadside assistance in the Cape Town region. This company provides services in accordance to the guidelines set by the motor / vehicle dealerships and by their respective insurance companies.

This towing and road assistance company is passionate and dedicated in delivering quality and satisfactory servies to their clients, old and new.

Other Services: 24-Hour towing and recoveries, roadside and fleet assistance, accidents and breakdowns assistance, and rollback and flatbed towing services.

Location: Cape Town and the surrounding areas

ABR Towing

Towing Services South Africa

ABR Towing is a 24-hour local and long-distance towing and recovery service provider. They tow anything from motorcycles to SUV's. Not only that, you can also call them to jump start your vehicle or if you need fuel runs.

ABR Towing started with a singular sling bakkie. Over the past year and a half, more fleets are added: One 6-ton flatbed, three 4-ton flatbed trucks, piggy trailer, and a bike catch adapter for the trucks for safe bike towing. They also have 3 roadside assist vehiclesof which two are also used as off-road recovery vehicles.

This is a family business that has been serving the community for over 20 years.

Services: Towing, Recoveries, Tyre Changes, Jump Starts, Battery Fitment, Vehicle Diagnostics, Forklift, and Fuel Runs.

Location: Cape Town 

Towing Services in Centurion 

TG Tow 

Towing Services Centurion

TG Tow and Roadside Assistance provide 24-hour transportation services for a wide range of vehicle types, they will also assist with the moving of construction machinery, forklifts, mechanical breakdowns, accident-damaged vehicle recoveries, and more!

Bottom line, their motto is ‘if we can load it, we will tow it.’

TG Tow is also a member of SATRA, and are BEE compliant. 

Other Services: Roadside assistance, accidents & recovery, flat tyre change, fuel 10L re-fill, vehicle storage, vehicle and forklift transportation services.

Location: Centurion, Johannesburg

Five Star Towing and Recovery 

Towing Services Centurion

Five Star Towing and Recovery Services have an excellent reputation in both the towing and insurance industries. 

This aptly named company prides itself in putting its clients at the top of its priorities and ensuring that every job is satisfactory.

This towing company offers 24-hour transport services both locally and long-distance on roll-back trucks.

Other Services: Local and long-distance towing, roadside assistance (flat batteries, fuel, flat tyres), accident assistance, towing of trailers, motorbikes, boats, caravans, containers, machinery and even furniture.

Location: Centurion, Johannesburg

Centurion Road Assistance

Towing Services Centurion

Quick turnaround times and competitive prices are what give this Centurion-based towing company an edge!

Centurion Road Assistance offers 24-hour tow-in and vehicle recovery, with the first-day storage free of charge!

Other services like collection and drop-offs are also offered.

Other Services: Light duty towing, roadside services - Tow Truck Near Me, long-distance towing, vehicle jump start & tyre changes, fuel shortage assistance, collection and drop-off service, mechanical breakdowns, towing and recovery of accident vehicles.

Location: Centurion, Johannesburg

Towing Services in Pretoria

Rieks Towing 

Towing Services Pretoria

Established in 1994, Rieks Towing is open 24/7 and provides countrywide transport solutions to their valued clients.

While any job and vehicle type is welcome, this company specializes in the towing, recovery and transport of heavy-duty vehicles.

In terms of its achievements as a company, Rieks Towing is a member of an International association called ‘Friends of Towing’ which promotes a positive image of the towing industry worldwide. 

They are also associated with the Towing and Recovery Hall of Fame!

Other Services: Towing and recovery, storage facilities, scene clean-up and load recovery, load repositioning and transfers, casual labour, performance monitoring, specialised transport and cross border transportation, and heavy duty mud recoveries.

Location: Pretoria North, Pretoria

Moot Towing

Towing Services Pretoria

Moot Towing has an impressive fleet of towing vehicles and equipment, which it has used to service the Pretoria community since 2010.

They offer 24-hour emergency roadside assistance, accident recovery and insurance towing. Their other services include vehicle storage and specialised exotic vehicle transportation.

With cheap prices and excellent client service, this towing company comes highly recommended!

Other Services: 24-hour emergency roadside assistance, accident recovery, insurance towing, jump starting, abandoned vehicle removals, light, medium and heavy duty towing (from 2-12 tons), fuel services and tyre changes, local and long-distance towing, vehicle storage, motorcycle towing, and exotic vehicle transporting.

Location: Montana Park, Pretoria

Towing Services in Durban

Pinetown Towing Service

Towing Services Durban

Pinetown Towing has an affordable 24-hour car towing service.  

Specializing in motorcycle towing, roadside assistance, and most impressively, a lockout assistance service for those times when you accidentally lock your keys inside your vehicle! No need to smash any windows when Pinetown Towing is near!

Customer satisfaction is guaranteed with this reputable towing service.

Other Services: Lockout service, motorcycle towing, and roadside assistance.

Location: Mobeni Heights, Durban South

Northway Towing Service

Towing Services Durban

Feroz Khan worked in the towing industry for several years before deciding to branch out on his own in 1996 when he established Northway Towing Services. 

Starting out with a single slingback truck, which he operated himself, Northway Towing has grown significantly into a successful multi-fleet towing business. 

Northway Towing Service is BEE compliant and special attention is given to service delivery, reliability, and great communication between their drivers, service centre and clients. 

Other Services: Well-secured facilities for vehicle storage

Location: Mayville, Durban

Towing Services in Bloemfontein 

Astrix Towing 

Towing Services Bloemfontein

Founded in 1991, Astrix Towing has over 20 years of experience in the industry and is fast, convenient and reliable! 

With a constant fleet of fifteen vehicles, this market-leading company prides itself on providing the best 24-hour recovery and countrywide transport services to its valued clients.

Astrix Towing also specializes in the towing and moving of heavy-duty machinery, shipping containers, trucks, and more.

Other Services: Transport of equipment, machinery, and shipping containers

Location: Noordhoek, Bloemfontein

Towing Services in East London

Border Towing and Recovery 

Towing Services East London

Border Towing and Recovery was opened in 1986, and is still owned and run by its founding family, the van Zummerens!

This car towing service company specializes in towing, recovery and low bed required transport jobs. 

Border Towing and Recovery deliver superior service with their well-equipped fleet, expert knowledge, and dedicated team- no matter how big or small the job may be!

Other Services: Both heavy and light duty towing & recovery, lowbed services, and transport of abnormal loads.

Location: Summerpride, East London

Car Towing FAQ

How Much Does a Local Tow Cost?

If you need your car towed within the same town, it could often be as cheap as R1000 depending on the method used to tow the car. Make sure you get multiple quotes and recommendations to get the best price.

How Much Does It Cost to Tow a Car in Cape Town?

Towing a car in Cape Town can be more expensive than in other areas because the distances are often further and traffic needs to be considered in the equation. An initial towing can range from R2000 - R3 950.

Is It More Expensive to Have a Vehicle Towed After Hours?

No, the rates should stay the same, however, if your car needs to be stored until a mechanic opens in the morning, you might have to pay an additional fee.

Is It Safe to Have My Car Towed?

Yes, towing is very safe if you use a reputable towing company near you. If your car needs to be towed quite far it’s best to have the front wheels lifted or for a trailer to be used.

Can You Tow An Automatic Car?

Most owner's manuals, it states that automatic transmission vehicles should not be towed. Automatic transmissions require the engine to circulate oil through them, which is a problem when towing. Put your car on a flatbed or lift the front wheels for safety. Never pull your automatic car with a rope.

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