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How To Transport Your Car From Cape Town to Johannesburg | Complete Guide

By · November 27, 2023
How To Transport Your Car From Cape Town to Johannesburg | Complete Guide


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The route from Cape Town to Johannesburg is a well-travelled one, not just for people but also for vehicles.

Whether you're relocating, selling your vehicle, or buying a car from a dealer, understanding the nuances of car transport in South Africa is essential.

This guide aims to provide a comprehensive look into the process, ensuring your car transport from Cape Town to Johannesburg is as smooth and stress-free as possible.

Understanding Car Transport Services

Types of Car Transport Services

Car transport services vary in type and nature, catering to different needs and preferences. The two primary types are open and closed car transport.

Open transport is more cost-effective but exposes vehicles to the elements, while closed transport offers more protection at a higher cost.

Another consideration is the choice between depot-to-depot and door-to-door services.

Depot-to-depot services require vehicles to be dropped off and picked up at specified locations, offering a more budget-friendly option compared to the convenience of door-to-door services.

Choosing the Right Service for Your Needs

When selecting a service, consider factors such as cost, time, and the level of protection needed for your vehicle. For high-value cars (sports cars and vintage cars), closed transport may be preferable. For budget-conscious transport, open and depot-to-depot options might be more suitable.

Preparing Your Car for Transport

Necessary Documentation

Ensure you have all necessary documents ready, such as up-to-date vehicle registration documents and insurance if necessary. Having everything ready makes for a hassle-free transport process.

Pre-Transport Inspection

Conduct a thorough inspection of your vehicle and document its condition before handing over the keys to the car carrier. Photos and videos are very helpful.

Remove all personal items and prepare a checklist of any existing damage for reference.

You should also remove your radio aerial if possible and store it inside your car boot or glove compartment.

FAQ – Can I put a few things in my car during transport? Generally no, but some carriers will allow you to add a box of non-valuables or breakables upon special request.

Tips for Preparing Your Car for Transport

When transporting your car, it’s good practice to:

  1. Reduce the fuel level to about a quarter tank,

  2. Secure any loose parts,

  3. Deactivate alarms.

Basic car transport preparation minimizes the potential for any issues during transport.

Finding a Reliable Transport Company for Car Transport from Cape Town to Johannesburg

Researching Transport Companies

It’s important to choose a company with a strong reputation, positive reviews, and the necessary experience and insurance. With a car transport platform like Wise Move, you can read real customer reviews for car transport, see how many deliveries a company has completed and check their insurance. It's never been easier to book your car delivery.

Understanding Pricing and Quotes

The cost for car transport can range from R4000 to R8000, depending on service type, distance, and vehicle size. Always ask for a detailed quote to understand any additional fees.

Adding door-to-door pick up adds on average R700 - R1500 to your car transport costs.

With Wise Move, getting car transport quotes from Cape Town to Johannesburg is easy. One request gives you access to the best car carriers in South Africa.

Safety and Insurance Coverage

Inquire about the transporter's insurance coverage and understand what is and isn't covered in the event of damage during transport.

With Wise Move, car carrier insurance is already verified for you. You can check the details directly on each quote you receive.

Insurance is generally included in your car transport quote if available. Make sure to check.

What safety and legal requirements do Car Carriers have to conform to?

Firstly, car carriers must have RTMS certification (Road Transport Management System), a voluntary accreditation focusing on issues like overloading, vehicle maintenance, and driver training. Secondly, the car carrier must comply with the Performance-Based Standards (PBS) scheme. This scheme includes a comprehensive set of safety standards that regulate vehicle performance, such as rollover tendencies, during certain manoeuvres.

Car Carrier Truck South Africa

The Transportation Process

Pickup and Loading

Discuss the pickup and loading process with the transport company. Timeliness and communication are key during this stage.

In-Transit Considerations

The journey from Cape Town to Johannesburg covers a significant distance. Opt for companies that offer tracking services for peace of mind. Stay in communication with the carrier throughout the journey.

Delivery and Post-Transport

Upon arrival in Johannesburg, a thorough inspection of your vehicle is crucial. Compare its condition with the pre-pickup inspection report. Any discrepancies or damages should be documented and reported to the transport company immediately.

Tips for a Smooth Experience

Planning ahead is vital, particularly during peak seasons like holidays and school vacations when demand for car transport services spikes. Booking in advance can secure better rates and ensure availability.

Additionally, being flexible with your pickup and delivery dates can sometimes lead to more economical options. Ensure all preparations are completed well in advance to avoid last-minute hassles.

Ready to move your car from Cape Town to Johannesburg?

Choosing the right car transport service from Cape Town to Johannesburg requires careful consideration of various factors.

By understanding the process, preparing adequately, and selecting a reputable service provider, you can ensure safe and affordable transport for your vehicle.

Car Transport Covered

Get your car where it needs to be. Trusted by thousands of vehicle owners. Door to Door Transport. Any Car Type. Fixed Prices.

9.3 · 2,819 reviews
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