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Living in Plettenberg Bay | The Complete Guide

Havana Dauncey
· March 20, 2024
Living in Plettenberg Bay | The Complete Guide

Are you thinking of moving to Plettenberg Bay and want to figure out if it’s the perfect new home for you? Well, you’ve come to the right place!

Plettenberg Bay is not only one of South Africa’s major tourist and holiday destinations thanks to its breathtaking beaches and stunning nature, but it’s also become a popular home for many South Africans looking to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and take it slow in a chilled, surfer small town. And considering what Plettenberg Bay has to offer, we don’t blame them.

To help you see if you can picture yourself in this idyllic coastal town, here’s everything you need to know about living in Plettenberg Bay — from its best neighbourhoods and cost of living to the climate and things to do to never get bored.

Plettenberg Bay Overview

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Situated along the famous Garden Route, Plettenberg Bay captivates visitors with its 15km of pristine beaches, serene lagoons and estuaries, lush forests and captivating wildlife including dolphins, whales and game reserves.

Originally named Bahia Formosa, or Beautiful Bay, by the early Portuguese explorers, it still holds up to the name.

Locally known as Plett, this coastal jewel is beloved for its laid-back atmosphere, allowing you to constantly soak in its beautiful nature and magnificent views. The town boasts a rich history, evident in its colonial architecture and vibrant local community.

Key Facts

Location: Bitou municipality in the Western Cape

Population: 31 800

Area: 39,7 km²

Languages: isiXhosa (57,7%), Afrikaans (27,4%) and English (13,0%)

The Best 8 Areas in Plettenberg Bay

From beachside villas to hideaways in nature on the rolling hills, Plettenberg has the perfect suburb for everyone — whether you’re a young professional, big family, retiree or digital nomad. Choosing the right suburb will depend on a few factors such as location, property prices, local amenities, access to transport, etc.

Here’s a look at some of the best neighbourhoods in Plettenberg Bay to help you choose the best neighbourhood for you.

1. Central Beach

As one of the most sought-after suburbs in Plettenberg Bay, Central Beach is home to Plett’s most popular family beach, boasting stunning ocean views and easy access to the town's amenities.

Residents enjoy a relaxed coastal lifestyle, with beautiful beaches perfect for sunbathing, surfing, and other water sports. The area is dotted with upscale homes, boutique hotels and holiday apartments, making it a popular choice for both permanent residents and vacationers.

Average property price: R6 750 000

2. Lower Robberg

Located at the base of the iconic Robberg Nature Reserve and flanked by the white sands of Robberg Beach, Lower Robberg offers residents a tranquil setting surrounded by natural beauty. With its proximity to hiking trails, rocky shores and secluded beaches, outdoor enthusiasts will find plenty to explore.

The suburb features a mix of spacious family homes and luxury estates, providing residents with privacy and serenity. Plus, it has a shopping centre, adding that extra convenience.

Average property price: R4 100 000

3. Plettenberg Bay Central

Situated in the heart of town, Plettenberg Bay Central is a bustling hub of activity. Here, residents have easy access to shops, restaurants, nightlife, essential services and entertainment options all within working distance, creating a vibrant urban atmosphere.

The suburb offers a range of housing options, from apartments and townhouses to historic cottages, catering to diverse lifestyles and preferences.

Average property price: R2 225 000

4. Keurbooms

Located just outside of Plettenberg Bay, Keurbooms offers residents a peaceful retreat amidst lush forests and sweeping river views. The suburb is known for its riverfront properties and tranquil lifestyle, making it a popular choice for nature lovers and those seeking a quieter pace of life.

With its close proximity to Keurbooms Beach, one of South Africa’s blue-flag beaches, and nearby attractions, residents can enjoy a variety of outdoor activities year-round.

Average property price: R2 650 000

5. Piesang Valley

Tucked away between rolling hills and indigenous forests, Piesang Valley is a hidden gem offering residents a serene escape from the hustle and bustle of town. The suburb features spacious, old properties with expansive gardens, and even horse farms, providing ample space for outdoor living and relaxation.

Home to the Plettenberg Bay Country Club and Golf Course, restaurants and shopping centres, Piesang Valley residents have everything they need. You may even get some sea and river views if you’re lucky.

Average property price: R2 250 000

6. Brackenridge Estate

Known for its gated community, upscale residences and 128-hectare nature reserve, Brackenridge Estate offers residents security and exclusivity in an immersive natural setting.

Residents of Brackenridge Estate enjoy access to communal amenities such as walking and bike trails, parks and recreational facilities, creating a sense of community and belonging.

Average property price: R5 725 000

7. Goose Valley

Situated adjacent to the Plettenberg Bay Golf Course, Goose Valley is a premier residential estate offering residents a luxurious coastal lifestyle. The suburb features elegant homes and apartments set amidst landscaped gardens and scenic fairways

Residents of Goose Valley have access to a range of amenities, including a clubhouse, swimming pools, tennis courts and direct beach access, ensuring a leisurely and indulgent lifestyle.

Average property price: R6 025 000

8. The Hill

Perched atop a ridge overlooking the bay, The Hill offers residents panoramic views and a sense of elevation and exclusivity.

Despite its elevated position, The Hill is conveniently located close to town and its amenities, making it a desirable and convenient place to call home.

Average property price: R1 925 000

Living in Plettenberg Bay

There are many factors that make up the experience of living in Plettenberg Bay — from the living costs and job opportunities to the weather and local activities.

Here’s a breakdown of all the essential aspects of living in Plettenberg Bay.

Cost of Living

While the basic cost of living in Plettenberg Bay is relatively lower than the other major cities in South Africa, as a holiday hotspot, you will find that dining out and entertainment expenses can soar to tourist prices.

According to Numbeo, here’s a quick look at the cost of some basic expenses:

Expense Average cost
Milk R16
Bread R17
Cappuccino R30
Meal at restaurant R150
Rent for 1-bedroom R5 000

Average Salaries

Being a small town, Plettenberg Bay unfortunately isn’t going to offer the same job and financial opportunities as the big cities like Cape Town and Johannesburg. But that doesn't mean that you still can’t live a very comfortable life.

According to PayScale, the average salary is R185k per year. However, this will greatly depend on your chosen profession and experience. Popular jobs in Plettenberg Bay include:

  • Receptionist

  • Human Resource Manager

  • High School Teacher

  • Office Administrator

  • Project Manager

  • Primary School Teacher

As a major tourist and holiday destination, you’ll also find a booming hospitality industry in Plett, offering a range of job opportunities and rewarding investment options.

Property Prices

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Property prices in Plettenberg Bay range from affordable apartments to luxury waterfront estates. According to Property24, the average sale price in Plettenberg Bay is R2 350 000.

Property prices will vary based on the size of your home. So, here’s a quick breakdown of the property price per number of rooms:

Number of rooms Average property price
1 bedroom R1 525 000
2 bedrooms R2 650 000
3 bedrooms R5 040 000
4 bedrooms R5 994 950
5+ bedrooms R11 217 500


Plettenberg Bay enjoys a moderate subtropical oceanic climate, with mild winters and warm summers. It can be a bit rainy at times compared to the rest of South Africa due to the surrounding ocean currents of the Indian Ocean.

Summer highs can reach 38-40 ⁰C while reaching down to 11 degrees in winter. Being on the Indian Ocean, water temperatures are on the warmer side with an average of 21,4 ⁰C. Just make sure that when you’re enjoying the warm waters, you’re on the lookout for sharks, as Plett is famous for its high population of sharks.

Public Transport

As with the rest of South Africa, the main form of transportation is a car. Fortunately, there are other ways to get around:

  • As a small town, Plett is walkable to a certain extent, depending on where you live.

  • There are taxi and e-hailing services

  • You can rent a bicycle

  • You can take the Lookout Deck free shuttle during the peak holiday season in December which runs from from Sewell Street and Main Road, as well as the Market Square and Plett Mall to the Lookout Deck


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Want to find out if Plett has good schools for your little ones? Here are some of the top schools in Plettenberg Bay:

  • Plettenberg Bay Primary School

  • Wittedrift High School

  • Greenwood College


Plettenberg Bay is home to medical facilities, including clinics and hospitals, ensuring residents have access to quality healthcare services.

Here are some of the main healthcare facilities in Plett:

  • Mediclinic

  • Netcare 911

  • Plettenberg Bay Community Health Centre

  • Plettenberg Bay Clinic

Things to Do in Plettenberg Bay

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From outdoor adventures to cultural experiences, there's no shortage of things to do in Plettenberg Bay:

  • Beach Activities: Surfing, swimming, and sunbathing are popular pastimes along the town's pristine beaches, such as Hobie Beach, Lookout Beach, Keurbooms Beach, Central Beach, Robberg 5 Beach and more.

  • Nature Reserves and National Parks: Explore the diverse ecosystems of Robberg Nature Reserve and Tsitsikamma National Park.

  • Water Sports: Try your hand at kayaking, snorkelling or sailing in the bay's crystal-clear waters.

  • Wine Tasting: Take a day trip to nearby wine estates and sample some of the region's finest wines.

  • Wildlife Sanctuaries: Explore and support the local animal sanctuaries such as Jukani Wildlife Ranch and Care Centre, Tenikwa Wildlife Awareness Centre, Tsitsikamma Wolf Sanctuary, Lawnwood Snake Sanctuary and Birds of Eden.

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