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Top 10 Remote Work Destinations in South Africa For Digital Nomads

Havana Dauncey
· January 12, 2024
Top 10 Remote Work Destinations in South Africa For Digital Nomads

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In this post-COVID world, the global shift towards remote work has given rise to a new breed of professionals — the digital nomads.

This has given many workers the opportunity to maintain their job and steady income while getting to choose their view — from golden sand beaches to a bustling city skyline. And with South Africa being named the best place for digital nomads in Africa, there’s no better destination for remote work!

South Africa’s diverse landscapes and rich cultural tapestry lends itself to a variety of lifestyles to suit every remote worker. Here are the 10 best destinations in South Africa for remote work to help you pick the right one for you.

1. Cape Town: A Digital Nomad’s Paradise

Cape Town Remote Work Destination

Cape Town, often referred to as the Mother City, stands as a beacon for digital nomads seeking a base for working remotely. With its iconic Table Mountain as a backdrop to the bustling city, Cape Town provides the best of both worlds with equal opportunity for work and play.

The city is home to numerous coworking spaces, offering reliable internet connectivity, a vibrant cultural scene with trendy cafés, bars and art galleries as well as a captivating outdoors including mountain ranges, forests, wine farms and some of the best beaches in the world. But it’s important to bear in mind that Cape Town is also South Africa’s most expensive city and is not always very sustainable for all digital nomad lifestyles.

Best cafés and workspaces in Cape Town:

  • Bootlegger Coffee Company

  • Neighbourgood Coworking

  • Café Neo

  • Latitude

  • Field Office

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2. Johannesburg: Dynamic City Living

Johannesburg Remote Work DestinationAs the economic hub of South Africa, Johannesburg offers a unique blend of urban energy and cultural richness. Digital nomads can tap into the city's entrepreneurial spirit while enjoying the diverse cultural experiences it has to offer. Coworking spaces are abundant, ensuring that remote professionals have the infrastructure needed to balance work and exploration.

Plus, as the economic hub of South Africa, you open yourself up to an endless amount of networking and new client opportunities.

Best cafés and workspaces in Johannesburg:

  • Bean There Coffee Company

  • Workshop17

  • The Grind Coffee Shop

  • Cube Workspace

  • Seam Coffee

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3. Durban: Sun, Surf and Productivity

Durban Remote Work Destination

The coastal gem of Durban is an ideal destination for digital nomads looking for a more relaxed atmosphere. The city's warm climate, beautiful beaches and booming entrepreneurial scene make it a growing hotspot for remote workers.

Durban's coworking spaces provide a laid-back vibe, allowing individuals to balance work with regular breaks to soak up the sun, explore KZN’s subtropical landscapes or catch a wave along the Golden Mile.

Best cafés and workspaces in Durban:

  • Skyline Coffee

  • Treehouse Workspace

  • Village at Yard 41

  • Urban Desk

  • Home Bru Graft Café

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4. Stellenbosch: Tranquil Retreat in Wine Country

Stellenbosch Remote Work DestinationFor those seeking a quieter setting surrounded by natural beauty, Stellenbosch, nestled in the Cape Winelands, offers a peaceful retreat. This picturesque town provides a conducive environment for remote work, with charming cafés, vineyard views and a slower pace of life.

With Stellenbosch University at the heart of this small town, Stellenbosch is beaming with students and young professionals, ensuring there are lots of coffee shops and coworking spaces that come with fast WIFI and reliable generators. Stellenbosch is the perfect destination for digital nomads craving a peaceful work environment with a touch of sophistication.

Best cafés and workspaces in Stellenbosch:

  • Schoon

  • Launch Lab

  • Legado Coffee Roastery

  • Hello Work

  • Plato Coffee

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5. Port Elizabeth: Coastal Charm for Remote Creatives

Port Elizabeth Remote Work DestinationSituated on the southeastern coast, Port Elizabeth, now known as Gqeberha, combines coastal serenity with a growing number of coworking spaces. Digital nomads can find inspiration in the city's beautiful beaches, friendly community and proximity to wildlife reserves.

Port Elizabeth strikes a balance between work and relaxation, making it an attractive destination for remote creatives.

Best cafés and workspaces in Port Elizabeth:

  • Stir Coffee Co.

  • Como Caffe

  • The Rose Garden

  • Regus

  • Rhubarb and Lime

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6. West Coast: The Hidden Oasis

West Coast Remote Work DestinationThe West Coast, often overlooked, reveals itself as a hidden oasis for digital nomads seeking a peaceful escape. Pristine beaches, charming fishing villages and unique flora define this secluded region.

Setting up a remote workspace overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, indulging in fresh seafood and exploring the West Coast National Park during downtime make the West Coast a gem waiting to be discovered by digital nomads.

Best cafés and workspaces on the West Coast:

  • The Daily Coffee Café

  • Redberry Coffee Shop

  • Café Blond

  • Charlie’s Deli and Café

  • Wings Coffee Roasters

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7. Pretoria: Capital City Allure

Pretoria Remote Work DestinationAs one of the three capitals of South Africa, Pretoria, the administrative capital, offers a captivating blend of history, culture and modernity. The city's jacaranda-lined streets create a picturesque setting, and its historic architecture provides a unique backdrop for remote work.

Pretoria offers a more relaxed atmosphere compared to its southern neighbour Johannesburg, making it an ideal destination for digital nomads who seek a balance between work and quiet.

Best cafés and workspaces in Pretoria:

  • Matador Café

  • Grit Space

  • Grounded at Echo

  • Space Menlyn Maine

  • Café 41

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8. Knysna: Nature's Haven on the Garden Route

Knysna Remote Work DestinationNestled along the famous Garden Route, Knysna is both a digital nomad and a nature lover's paradise. Surrounded by lush forests and stunning coastal scenery, this small town provides a serene environment for focused work.

Coworking spaces in Knysna, although fewer in number, offer a peaceful and focused environment. During breaks, digital nomads can explore the town's cosy cafés, embark on hiking trails through the Knysna Forest or take a boat trip to the iconic Knysna Heads.

Best cafés and workspaces in Knysna:

  • Lunar Café

  • Wazy Worx

  • Leisure Island

  • The African Bean

  • White Washed Café

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9. Hermanus: Seaside Serenity and Whale Watching

Hermanus Remote Work DestinationHermanus, situated along the Whale Coast, is a destination that combines coastal charm with exhilarating whale-watching experiences, presenting a unique destination for digital nomads. The town's coworking spaces, often with ocean views, provide an inspiring backdrop for focused work. Hermanus offers a relaxed atmosphere, allowing digital nomads to enjoy the coastal lifestyle while meeting work demands.

During the whale-watching season, which typically runs from June to November, professionals can take a break from their screens to witness the majestic Southern Right Whales frolicking in the waters. Hermanus caters to those who appreciate the seamless integration of work and the soothing rhythm of the ocean.

Best cafés and workspaces in Hermanus:

  • Dal Italia

  • Co.Unity

  • The Deli Coffee Co.

  • Hustle House Workspaces

  • Tulip Coffee Roasting

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10. Jeffreys Bay: Surfing Capital and Work Oasis

Jeffreys Bay Remote Work DestinationFor digital nomads who crave the thrill of catching waves during breaks, Jeffreys Bay is the answer. Renowned as a surfing capital, the town's golden beaches and consistent waves make it an ideal spot for surf enthusiasts. But this coastal town offers more than just epic waves.

Coworking spaces in Jeffreys Bay cater to the needs of remote professionals, offering a relaxed beach lifestyle combined with a productive work environment. With a growing community of young professionals, Jeffreys Bay provides a unique opportunity to connect with fellow nomads who share a passion for both work and surfing.

Best cafés and workspaces in Jeffreys Bay:

  • Infood Coffee Roastery

  • Cowork Surf

  • First Light Coffee Bar

  • Green Room JBay

  • Suikerbossie

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