Moving Tips

Top Security Companies in South Africa | Complete List 2022
Looking for the best security companies in South Africa? To keep your moving trucks, goods in transit, and offices secure, you need the best security available on your premises.
Garage Door Prices, Suppliers & Installers In South Africa
Do you need to install, repair or replace your garage door? But you don't know where to start? Don't worry.
Best Pool Renovations Near Me | South Africa
Pool renovations can add a lot of value to your property or serve as a necessary upgrade if you’re moving into a new home. But, since it might be something you've never done before, it's important to know what to expect and where to find the best pool renovation services.
Home Decor | Trends, Ideas and Suppliers
"The essence of interior design will always be about people and how they live." So said famed interior designer Albert Hadley (1920 - 2012). And it's a sentiment that continues to ring true today.
Electrician Near Me | Top-Rated Suppliers For Your New Home
If you're moving or building your dream home, chances are that you'll need to hire the services of an electrician at some point. If you have never hired one before, then this article is for you.  Here is our list of the top-rated electricians for all the major cities as well as FAQ to help you hire a skilled and knowledgeable electrician near you!
Best Traffic Update Apps in 2022
If you're like most people, you rely on your smartphone to get you where you need to go. With so many driving apps and navigation software options available, it can be hard to know which one is the best for you.
Aluminium Windows vs Wooden Windows | Complete Guide South Africa
Aluminium windows vs Wooden windows are both popular choices for homeowners in South Africa, and for good reason! However, it's important to remember that the two materials hold very different benefits and drawbacks, and that one may be better suited to your home than the other.
Top Mobile Mechanic Near Me | Service & Repair
Are you trying to find a mobile mechanic near you for you moving company? We've got you covered! Mobile mechanics can fix your car or truck just about anywhere, whether it’s in the middle of a busy parking lot, on the way to a delivery, or right at your home.
Curtains vs Blinds | Which Should You Choose?
Window treatments let you control the amount of light, privacy, and temperature in your home while also coordinating your decor. While you have many alternatives, the most popular are blinds with adjustable slats and curtains made of fabric panels.
Box Shops Gauteng | Everything You Need to Know About Moving Boxes
Relocations are time-consuming and tedious activities that requires lots of preparation. Getting the right packing materials is necessary for a smooth moving process. You don’t have to worry about it since even moving companies provide them as soon as you have booked a moving appointment with them.
Pet Transport South Africa | 7 Things to Do
Once you’ve finalized your relocation plans, it’s natural to feel excited by the thought of moving. Of course, you may also feel a bit of worry along the way, especially when it’s your first time handling a move throughout your lifetime.
Carpets for Sale South Africa | Where to Buy Your Next Rug
Many places sell rugs and carpets, but not all of them are created equal. In this article, we will take a look at some of the best places to buy carpets for sale South Africa.
Locksmiths Near Me | Locksmiths in South Africa
Did you hear the one about the young go-getter who decided on a career as a locksmith? He thought it might open some doors for him! But seriously though, we don't usually give the work locksmiths do much credit, or thought for that matter until we are in a jam and need their help!  You know, when it's late at night, and you've just realized that you left your keys inside the house.
4 Tips for Finding the Right Size of Moving Boxes for Sale Edenvale
The stress associated with relocation is an inevitable aspect and as much as we want to avoid it, the amount of things that need our attention only contributes to our increasing distress.
Household Items for Sale Port Elizabeth | Things to Sell Before Moving
We strive for environmentally-friendly and affordable living. However, there will be some matters that seem to only confuse you when you’re about to relocate to a new area.
Moving Boxes Cape Town | How to Pack Your Things Properly When Moving
When you’re about to pack your stuff before the moving day, shoving the contents into boxes or bags is a bad practice. You need to carry out the necessary steps in packing efficiently so you don’t forget anything and at the same time, the items are well-arranged and packed carefully.
12 Best Places to Find Moving Boxes Gauteng
When we say relocation, what automatically enters our minds are packing and packing materials. But we know that spending money for these things would be another burden since you've probably allotted most of your money for hiring movers and the moving truck rental.
How to Recycle Moving Boxes for Sale Gauteng
You’ve planned your relocation for years and those plans are beginning to bear some fruits. The planning is no joke since there are many aspects you need to continuously look into and it seems impossible to relax at all.
Planning To Move Out? Here Are 5 Packing Supplies and Boxes for Sale Edenvale
For your relocation to go as smoothly as possible, you need the use of proper packing supplies. Moving can be stressful, regardless of the reason for the move. There will always be a zillion things to do, and you'll run into a slew of errands and hurdles along the way.
Renting Storage Units Pietermaritzburg | 6 Practical Tips You Need to Know
Do you need more storage space in preparation for your move? These recommendations will assist you in navigating the procedures of hiring a storage unit while relocating your belongings.
10 Tips to Consider When Looking for Moving Boxes Edenvale
It’s not impossible to find free moving boxes around your area. It’s a good thing to rely on them, especially if your goal is to not exceed your budget for the move.  Don’t worry!
Hiring Removal Companies in Pretoria | Ways to Save Money
Once you’ve decided to relocate, you would have to leave the habit of squeezing all of your things inside your car and leaving the rest of the things behind.  You may opt to hire people to handle the entire relocation process but that would mean having to spend a lot of money.
Where to Get Packaging Supplies in South Africa | Mover’s Guide
Moving doesn’t have to be stressful. With the right information and guidance, you’ll be done in no time. Packing your own things can save you money, even when you’re using a moving company.
Hiring a Removal Company Johannesburg | 11 Ways to Save Money
Due to the increasing fuel prices and decreasing number of removalists, the moving costs of a full-service relocation have also increased in recent years. As a result, many have resorted to doing the move by themselves in order to cut down the expenses and instead save the money for other important purchases.
A Quick Guide to Choosing a Moving Company Based on their Relocating Quotes
Moving companies service in SA 8.9 (97 reviews) What are you moving? What are you moving? Item — furniture, electronic, antique, box etc.
6 Things to Check When Getting the Services of a Moving Company Pretoria
When it comes to searching for removal companies, we understand that you may be worried about their legitimacy since not all companies have undergone thorough investigation and verification processes regarding their operations.
Moving Companies Centurion | The Average Moving Costs of Hiring
Hiring moving professionals will provide a lot of benefits come relocation day. These include before, during, and after the moving process since the services aren’t focused only on one aspect of the move.
Business Insurance South Africa | Complete Guide 2022
Business insurance is vital for anyone looking to protect their investment, large or small. It keeps you safe from financial losses that could occur due to accidents, natural disasters, theft, lawsuits, or other unforeseen events.
The future is calling. Time to get moving on your dreams by moving on Gauteng!
Did you know that Gauteng makes up only 1.5% of South Africa’s entire land size yet it is the country’s most populous province? And even though it is heavily urbanised and contains two of the country’s biggest cities, Johannesburg and Pretoria, Gauteng Province boasts over 30 game reserves?
Start ringing the moving companies Johannesburg, you’re moving to Joburg!
If you have ever dreamed of living in a megacity, Johannesburg might just be the perfect place for you. With a population of around 5 million residents (and growing!), Johannesburg is South Africa’s most populous city and is the 73rd highest populated city in the world.
9 Things to Account for Cheap Long Distance Furniture Removals
Regardless of whatever type of move you’re going to make, you have to remember the important reminders of moving so that the entire experience will go smoothly. Applying the reminders also saves you from all the worry that often comes with moving.
8 Issues I Encountered When I Hired Furniture Removal Companies Near Me
Doing an interstate move is a combination of worry and excitement because it’s one of the most anticipated events in your life where you are about to gain new experiences in a new location and other aspects of your life.
You’ll need to find the best moving companies in Durban if you’re semigrating
Due to the toll of the pandemic on South Africa’s economy, 2022 looks to be the year of great lifestyle change as more and more South Africans are packing up and semigrating to coastal cities like Durban.
Making Your Move With The Best Moving Companies Durban
Admit it. You’ve grown used to doing the same thing day in, day out. You’ve grown tired of your routine and it’s time to move on.
Small Load Furniture Removals: Getting The Job Done Quickly And Affordably
If moving house yourself was as easy in practice as it is in theory, most moving companies would be out of business. The same steps are needed to organise a small load furniture move as they are to undertake a bigger one.
Ready For A Beach Lifestyle? Time To Call Removal Companies Cape Town!
Ahhh, the beach lifestyle. Who hasn’t gone to the beach on their holidays and dreamt of making it a permanent move? What’s not to love about living near the beach?
Finding The Right Option For Car Transport Johannesburg To Cape Town
An interesting thing happened during the pandemic. People increasingly chose to buy and sell their cars online, rather than from car dealerships. This phenomenon was spurred by shopping for a new car online becoming easier and more convenient as increasing numbers of car dealers looked online to boost their flagging sales.
We Rate The Best Moving Companies Port Elizabeth Has to Offer
Some people are hardwired to resist change. Others thrive on it. However, there is one major life change that is sure to induce at least some stressful moments for most people: moving house.
Time to Move? Let’s Talk About The Best Removal Companies Durban
Moving house is a big deal. Packing an entire house's worth of goods and furniture, getting it transported, before moving into your new house, and unpacking everything, requires careful planning.
Top Recruitment Agencies in South Africa | Find Work Anywhere
Moving companies service in SA 8.9 (97 reviews) What are you moving? What are you moving? Item — furniture, electronic, antique, box etc.
Best Van Dealers for Moving Companies in Cape Town
The right moving van is essential to moving companies of any size. With the vast influx of people choosing to move to Cape Town for various reasons, now may be the right time to add or upgrade your fleet.
Unpacking the Costs of Living in Johannesburg
Moving companies service in SA 8.9 (97 reviews) What are you moving? What are you moving? Item — furniture, electronic, antique, box etc.
Moving to Cape Town? Top Real Estate Agents You Need to Know About
Moving to Cape Town is a dream for many. The vibrancy of the city and the natural beauty of the surrounding landscapes offers something for everyone. However, the city presents numerous opportunities and challenges, which require proper planning to simplify your move.
A Step-by-step Guide to Moving in South Africa
Intro Siyakuhalalisela. (congratulations!) It's finally time to make that move to the new home that you’ve worked and looked forward to for the longest time, but then you immediately realize that it is more work than you imagined?
5 Reasons to make the move to Cape Town in 2022
Why the city between the mountain and the sea is attracting more visitors than ever (and converting a good chunk of them into permanent residents) With more than 28 million tourists visiting the city each year, Cape Town is one of the top tourist destinations in the world.
How to Find a Trusted Moving Company for Your Home Move
Moving to a new home is a process that you shouldn’t underestimate. You might think that it is easy, but the truth is, it’s not a walk in the park. This is one of the occasions when it’s best to get professional help, especially if moving long-distance or if you have a big home and difficult items to move.
5 Benefits of Hiring a Moving Company
Planning to move soon? You definitely have numerous questions in mind. Frankly speaking, moving is a demanding process that requires effort, time and preparation.

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