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SA Yorkie Rescue: Saving Lives One Precious Paw at a Time

Havana Dauncey
· January 29, 2024
SA Yorkie Rescue: Saving Lives One Precious Paw at a Time

With their long flowing locks, tiny little paws and big brown eyes, Yorkshire Terriers are a beloved breed by many dog lovers and considered one of South Africa’s most popular breeds. But unfortunately, many Yorkies don’t end up finding their loving forever homes and often are abandoned, mistreated, picked up by shelters and even put to sleep when there aren’t enough homes.

That’s where SA Yorkie Rescue comes in — a non-profit organisation with the mission to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome Yorkies in need across South Africa. And they need your help to continue their incredible work, one precious paw at a time!

Let’s deep dive into SA Yorkie Rescue’s inspiring story, mission, service, challenges and all the ways you can support their cause.

All About SA Yorkie Rescue

SA Yorkie Rescue is a dedicated group of volunteers and animal lovers who have committed themselves to the welfare of Yorkshire Terriers in South Africa.

In 2010, a love for Yorkies sparked an extraordinary mission. Two friends started the organization after rescuing 12 older Yorkies from a breeder unable to care for them, they cared for them until they could find them loving homes. Witnessing the broader challenges faced by Yorkies in need, they decided to establish SA Yorkie Rescue.

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With a network of vet connections and dedicated helpers in every province in South Africa, SA Yorkie Rescue became a haven for these beloved companions. Guided by its dedication to sustainability, initial costs, including veterinary bills, were personally covered by the founders. The operation extended beyond borders, ensuring Yorkies found homes nationwide, even caring for those with special needs.

SA Yorkie Rescue has bases in:

Their mission is simple yet powerful: to rescue Yorkshire Terriers who have been abandoned, neglected or are facing the threat of euthanasia.

SA Yorkie Rescue works tirelessly to provide these dogs with a second chance at life, offering them love, care and the opportunity to find forever homes where they can thrive.

What Does SA Yorkie Rescue Do?

The activities of SA Yorkie Rescue are comprehensive and include various crucial steps in the rescue process:

1. Rescue Operations

SA Yorkie Rescue identifies Yorkies in distress, whether they are abandoned, abused or facing euthanasia in shelters. The team springs into action, rescuing these dogs and providing them with immediate medical attention and care.

2. Rehabilitation

Many rescued Yorkies come with physical and emotional scars. The dedicated volunteers at SA Yorkie Rescue work tirelessly to rehabilitate these dogs, addressing their health issues, grooming and providing the love and support they need to regain their trust in humans.

3. Foster Care

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SA Yorkie Rescue relies on a network of foster homes where rescued dogs can stay temporarily. This allows the dogs to experience a loving family environment while awaiting their forever homes.

4. Adoption Services

Once the Yorkies are ready for adoption, SA Yorkie Rescue actively seeks suitable forever homes. The adoption process involves thorough screening to ensure that the dogs are placed in environments where they will adjust easily to their new home and thrive.

5. Educational Initiatives

The organisation is also committed to providing resources and raising awareness about responsible pet ownership, Yorkshire Terrier care and the importance of adopting rather than buying pets. They believe that education plays a crucial role in preventing future instances of neglect and abandonment.

6. Rehoming

SA Yorkie Rescue provides an easy and safe way for Yorkie owners to find their furry friends a new home if they are no longer able to take care of them, whatever the reason. Rehoming plays a major role in preventing Yorkies from being left on the streets or filling up shelters.

The Biggest Challenges SA Yorkie Rescue Faces

While the dedication of the volunteers at SA Yorkie Rescue has made a significant impact, the organisation faces several challenges in fulfilling its mission:

Financial Constraints

Being a non-profit organisation, SA Yorkie Rescue relies on donations and fundraising efforts to cover the costs of veterinary care, food, and other necessities for the rescued dogs. Limited resources often pose a hindrance to the extent of their rescue operations.

Limited Transport Services

One of the most pressing challenges faced by SA Yorkie Rescue is the lack of adequate pet transport services. The wide spread of rescue operations often requires the transportation of Yorkies over long distances to reach foster homes or potential adopters.

How Can You Support SA Yorkie Rescue?

SA Yorkie Rescue cannot continue its work without support from the public. If you are inspired by SA Yorkie Rescue’s work and resonate with its mission, then there are quite a few ways you can help out, whether it’s with money, time or even becoming a new Yorkie owner yourself.

1. Donate

Financial contributions go a long way in supporting SA Yorkie Rescue's rescue and rehabilitation efforts. Donations help cover veterinary expenses, food, blankets, toys, bowls and other dog essentials.

2. Adopt a Yorkie

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If you're considering bringing a new furry friend into your home, adopting a Yorkie from Yorkie Rescue South Africa could be the perfect choice. By adopting , you not only gain a loving companion but also contribute to the organisation's mission of providing a second chance for these wonderful dogs.

3. Volunteer

If you have the time and passion for animal welfare, consider volunteering for SA Yorkie Rescue. Your skills, dedication and extra set of hands can contribute to the success of their rescue operations.

4. Foster

Providing a temporary home for a rescued Yorkie is a crucial step in their journey towards adoption. Fostering allows the dogs to experience love and care in a home environment.

5. Rehome

If you, or someone you know, are no longer able to properly take care of their Yorkie, then it might be best for you and your furry friend to find them a new home that can give them the love and attention they need.

6. Spread the Word

Share information about SA Yorkie Rescue on social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook , Twitter, Spotify Podcast and YouTube Podcast) and in your community. Increased awareness can lead to more support, both in terms of donations and potential adopters.

7. Transport Services

Pet transport services for SA Yorkies RescueIf you have access to reliable transportation and are willing to assist, consider reaching out to SA Yorkie Rescue. Your support in transporting rescued Yorkies can make a significant difference in their lives. If you are unable to transport the precious pets yourself, you can even consider contributing by arranging a pet transport service .

You can easily find a trusted, low-cost pet transportation service using platforms like Wise Move which has an expanding network of the top pet transport companies across the country.

All it takes is one request and you can get quotes from the best pet transport services that suit you, your Yorkie and your budget.

Ready to help a yorkie? Who can resist!

Yorkie Rescue South Africa's commitment to rescuing and rehabilitating Yorkshire Terriers is commendable. However, to overcome the challenges they face, they need the support of the community.

By donating, volunteering, fostering, rehoming and offering transport assistance, you can play a vital role in ensuring that these deserving dogs find their way to safe and loving homes. Together, we can be the wings of love that carry these Yorkies to a brighter and happier future. Contact SA Yorkie Rescue for more information on how you can support their initiative.

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