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8 Reasons To Support Local Movers

Havana Dauncey
8 Reasons To Support Local Movers

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Moving houses is no easy task — whether it’s down the road, to the other side of town or across the country. From the extensive planning and months of packing to the careful loading and tricky transporting, you’re going to need an extra pair of hands. How do you look for the best moving service? Well, we South Africans have the solution — Local is Lekker!

Supporting local movers is hands down the way to go! See for yourself on Wise Move’s moving company platform that connects you with the most reliable and affordable local movers across South Africa. But if you still need some convincing, here are 8 reasons to support local movers that will change your mind.

1. Access a wealth of local knowledge

Nobody knows the lay of the land better than your local moving experts! Their vast knowledge from years of moving experience in your area is vital to a seamless and successful move.

That’s why, unlike national moving companies, local movers can let you know the secrets to:

  • The best and most trusted local partners for packaging materials or packing services.

  • The best date and time for a quick and efficient move.

  • The best routes to avoid traffic and keep your belongings safe.

  • Any local guidelines or regulations that you may need to be aware of.

2. Choose reliable movers you can trust

Local movers are often much more reliable than large corporation movers. They can’t risk the slightest dent in their reputation with the worry of losing much-needed business, so they tend to put that much more effort to make sure their customers are happy and well taken care of and none of their belongings is lost or damaged during the move. You can also get to know their reputation by asking the local community for their firsthand experience with them.

You can trust word-of-mouth referrals much more than a few random strangers online who you aren’t sure are even real.

3. Save on moving costs

If you’re looking to tighten your budget, then choosing local movers is the way to go! Local movers tend to be much more affordable than national movers. They operate in much smaller areas, they have fewer expenses and they tend to need fewer employees.

They also need to have competitive prices if they are going to take business away from the larger, more well-known companies, so they might even offer certain discounts that attract locals.

4. Take advantage of the convenience

Moving houses is anything but convenient, but there are definitely a ton of convenient perks that local movers bring back into your life:

  • They are often located nearby.

  • They are easy to find online.

  • They are quick to pick up your stuff.

  • They save loads of time

  • They tend to be more flexible.

  • It’s easier to book on short notice.

5. Receive the extra attention you deserve!

Unlike a national or international moving service, they don’t have thousands of customers at a time splitting their attention. Having just a few local clients at a time, they are able to form a genuine relationship with you. This means that you know each other’s names, you know each other’s stories and you gain mutual respect for one another.

From this comes extra attention and a willingness to cater to your personal needs. You know they’ll treat your belongings and fragile items with the utmost care and make sure everything arrives at your new home in pristine condition.

Local movers are happy to go the extra mile to ensure you have the best moving experience with the hope you become a loyal customer.

6. Get in touch easily

One of the worst things you have to deal with during a move is the pesky call centres and long holds when you’re trying to get in contact with your moving service. Fortunately, that’s not an issue with local moving companies!

With their smaller company, local movers can skip the formalities and keep it casual and convenient. Local movers are much easier to get in touch with, often offering a few means of communication:

  • You can call their number which usually leads to a secretary with all the info you’ll need to know.

  • Sometimes, you can directly context the owner or mover you’ll be working with.

  • Some local movers don’t mind messaging on WhatsApp using a business account.

  • Local movers tend to be quick responders by email.

  • If you still can’t contact them, you can always pop in and say hi in person if it’s on your way somewhere.

7. Help the environment

While moving does have quite a few negative effects on the environment, supporting local movers can help minimise the impact.

Being nearby, local movers are likely able to reduce their carbon emissions. Being smaller, they also require fewer materials, lowering their consumption as well as their waste. Plus, they are more likely to be aware of the local recycling management and centres where they can recycle their moving waste, boasting more sustainable practices.

8. Boost the local economy

Supporting local businesses boost the local economy, bringing money into the community and benefiting everyone!

This helps to improve your area and uplift the people in it. You can help small businesses made of friends, family, neighbours and other communities thrive instead of shipping off your money to some foreign large corporation. You encourage local entrepreneurship and create jobs in the community. It also gives your municipality more funds to invest in the community to make it a better, safer place to live for all.

Find the Best Local Movers in South Africa

Choosing local movers is clearly lekker! But where do you find the best local movers? That’s easy — Wise Move’s free moving company platform that connects you with the most affordable and most trusted local movers from across South Africa!

Wise Move offers you a seamless moving experience, allowing you to easily compare local moving services and prices to make sure you’re getting the best deal that suits your needs. And with over 1 000 reviews on our platform with an average score of 9.0, you can trust your movers will give you nothing but top-quality service, treating your belongings with the greatest care and diligence, as if they were their own.

Get your moving quote today — prices are up to 75% cheaper than standard rates!

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Local Movers Services trusted by thousands of South Africans. Door to Door. Delivery Anywhere

9.3 · 3,504 reviews
What are you moving?

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R 2,800
2 bedroom house move
Moreleta Park, Pretoria
Hennopspark, Centurion
Reviewed 13 hours ago
Excellent service thank you
R 3,200
2 bedroom house move
Cape Town
Cape Town
Reviewed 15 hours ago
We had a great experience with Christo and we moved from a 2 bedroom townhouse to a 2 bedroom appartment on the 4 th floor. (3km away) Big truck was used so all was moved in one go. We had some doubts on the bigger cupboards but they carried all. Covered everything in blankets. Nothing was damaged or broken. They arrived 5-10min early with 4 guys and we were finished offloading around 14h30. Went so fast. Assisted with putting things together and made sure it was put on the place we wanted it. Definately a guy to go to. Big thumb up and thank you
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Sea Park, Port Shepstone
Cape Town
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This is the second time that Marthinus of Cheetah Express transported my bike, this time from Port Shepstone to Cape Town. As always he sent me a pic of my bike once loaded and regularly communicated until I received my bike. It is always comforting to know that my bike is good hands and therefore I highly recommend Cheetah Express! Thank you Marthinus and team!
R 2,900
Linbro Park, Sandton
Christoburg, Centurion
Reviewed 1 day ago
Very happy with Nicholas and his team, they were professional, friendly and very careful with all our goods. Highly recommended !
R 1,250
Pomona, Kempton Park
Farrarmere, Benoni
Reviewed 1 day ago
Brilliant service and friendly.
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