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How to Recycle Moving Boxes for Sale Gauteng

How to Recycle Moving Boxes for Sale Gauteng

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You’ve planned your relocation for years and those plans are beginning to bear some fruits. The planning is no joke since there are many aspects you need to continuously look into and it seems impossible to relax at all. The packing, handling, and transporting of your belongings safely and securely must be observed throughout your move.  

As soon as you arrive at your new place, the very first thing you do is unpack the boxes and of course, you can’t simply finish unpacking all of them in a single day, considering that the moving process is extremely exhausting. But after all those unpacking, your house will be filled with loads of boxes, bubble wraps, styrofoam, packing papers, tapes, and baskets.

Your newly-bought boxes for sale in Gauteng could still be up for reusing or recycling and as much as we want to discard all those packing materials away, we’re just contributing to more pollution. We need to lessen our trash as much as possible and we can do that just by practising recyclable packaging.

Recycling Moving Boxes for Sale Gauteng and Other Packing Materials

Here, we outline some guidelines relating to reusing packing materials:

Enabling Recyclable Packaging During Moves

In conducting our relocations, we should aim to utilize 100% recyclable materials for our packing process. To guide you, we’ve listed the things that are considered recyclable:

  • Boxes made of cardboard or any paper material
  • Packing or kraft papers
  • Newspaper and magazines
  • Paper plates and paper cups
  • Napkins or large tissue papers
  • Biodegradable packing peanuts
  • Bubble wrap (some recyclable sites allow them but these things must be separated from the other recyclables)

Moving Boxes for Sale Gauteng

Simply throwing everything away is an easier task compared to recycling, but we’re aware of its harmful effects on the environment which could lead to its eventual full deterioration. What we can do to stop such a situation is to reuse and recycle our supposed garbage and reinvent them in many ways possible.

The statistics going on about our solid waste management only show that it's getting worse as our trash is bound to be stacked everywhere in our surroundings, piling our landfills and clogging our waterways. The thing also is that these scenarios aren’t happening in one specific area, city, or country, it’s happening all over the world. Just imagine the amount of garbage the world produces in a single year.

Which Types of Recyclable Materials Should Be Up for Reusing?

There are packing materials that are recyclable which you can still use for the second time. The boxes that you’ve received out from purchasing newer appliances such as the washing machine, television, oven, or a DIY table could be set aside in your storage for future use. Regardless of not having any plans in mind to relocate, you can use them for other purposes such as donating your old stuff to other people or charitable organizations. We should avoid purchasing newer boxes to cut down on expenses.

Moving Boxes for Sale Gauteng

However, if the boxes stacked in your storage room were damaged or ruined by various factors, dispose of them properly. Wet boxes block recycling machines which means you won’t be able to recycle them. If you can, make them into smaller pieces and throw them in their designated areas.

Keep in mind to not ignore boxes that are open since these could attract the attention of pests like cockroaches. To deal with this, you need to make sure that your boxes are closed so that no insect or any kind of pest can crawl and get near the contents. They may end up destroying your clothes or infecting your items.

Other Options to Consider Aside from Discarding Used Packing Materials

Throwing away your packing materials isn’t the only way to deal with them. There are also other ways to handle them and we’ve listed them down below.

Moving Boxes for Sale Gauteng

  1. Giving Them Away to Others

If you happen to know someone, a relative, or a friend that is going to move, don’t hesitate to send your packing materials to them. They’ll be glad to accept them as you have helped in sparing them from additional relocation costs. You’ll also be maximizing the use of the materials instead of throwing them away after a single use.

  1. Utilize Them as Materials for Your Next General House Cleaning

The papers utilized for packing such as newspapers, scratch papers, and crumpled kraft papers can be reused for cleaning the windows, tables, and mirrors within your home. Instead of spending more on new brushes and paper towels, reusing packing materials is another way of utilizing them, and compared to other materials, these things decompose faster and are not harming the environment.

Moving Boxes for Sale Gauteng

  1. Packing Materials for Relieving Stress

The bubbles on the bubble wraps are designed in such a way that they function as stress relievers by popping them individually. It just gives off a satisfying feeling for both children and adults. Since the material is plastic, make sure that you separate them from biodegradable items and send them off to specific places that recycle plastic.

  1. Green Packing Peanuts for Plant Drainage

Say, you’ve purchased a lot of biodegradable packing peanuts and you’re wondering what other uses could be applied, you may want to consider utilizing them for plant drainage. Compared to the common packing peanuts, these green packing peanuts are mainly manufactured using wheat and starch and will also dissolve when placed in water.


Relocation will entail a lot of expenses to consider and we strongly advise not to spend a lot on the packing materials. Since moving will require a long preparation time, make sure to plan months so that you can allot time for activities such as searching for secondhand packing materials that you can use from your relatives, friends, workmates, groceries, and other areas.

But as you finish unpacking your boxes when you’ve finally moved to your new home, eliminating the packing materials is also an important matter to attend to, responsible discarding of these items should be applied so you won’t contribute to environmental degradation.

Keep in mind the number of trash we produce annually and this should be alarming to us since we are also the ones causing the end of our planet. Let’s not continue being part of practising harmful ways that affect the environment badly.

Moving companies services

Vetted moving companies service trusted by thousands of customers. Door to Door Delivery. Any Item Type. Same Day Services. Fixed Prices.

9.3 · 3,531 reviews
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