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Where to Buy a TV Box When Moving in South Africa

By · February 26, 2024
Where to Buy a TV Box When Moving in South Africa

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Moving your TV and can’t find its original box? Don’t panic! You’re not the only one who either threw away or lost the original TV box, not thinking it was that important. That’s why there’s now a quick and easy solution — just buy a new one!

With all the chaos and stress that comes with moving homes, getting a TV box for all your TVs is sometimes overlooked and forgotten. But when it comes down to it, this is an essential step in your moving checklist that you don’t want to skip.

So here’s everything you need to know about buying a TV moving box — including why you need a TV box and where to buy a TV box in South Africa.

Do You Need a TV Box When Moving?

Before delving into the where, let's address the why. Do you really need a TV box when moving? The answer is yes. While it might seem like an additional expense, you’re going to thank yourself later for investing in a TV box and protecting the safety of your entertainment centrepiece. It acts as a shield, preventing potential damage during the bumpy journey to your new home — whether it’s just down the road or a long-distance move.

While you can try to DIY it with a blanket or your own handmade TV box, that is not a risk worth taking. Some moving companies may even charge you extra for a TV box if you don’t have your own. So make the wise move — get your TV box.

Considering the cost and emotional value of your TV, a small investment in a protective TV box can save you from the headache of dealing with a damaged television upon arrival. Plus, you can use your TV box to protect and transport other items such as art, fragile items and mirrors. It may even come in handy after your move, making it worth the investment.

Best Places to Buy a TV Box for Moving

Now that we've established the significance of a TV box, let's explore the best places to find a TV box for sale in South Africa. Most of these have both in-store and online options so that you can buy your TV box and get it home in whatever way is the most convenient for you — whether it’s going to pick it out yourself or having it delivered right to your door. By comparing the TV box sizes and prices, you can find the perfect one for you, your TV and your budget.

Let’s get started!

1. Ecobox

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Renowned for its commitment to eco-friendly packaging, Ecobox stands out in providing sturdy, double-walled TV boxes designed to withstand the bumpy ride of a relocation. By choosing Ecobox, you're not only protecting your TV but also contributing to a sustainable and greener environment. As a part of Xtraspace, you can go buy an Ecobox TV box at your nearest branch or choose to have it delivered to your home.

The size and cost of Ecobox’s TV box is as follows:

Sizes: 50” (134cm x 23cm x 85cm)

TV box price: R133,50

2. Stor-Age

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For those seeking a comprehensive moving supplies solution, Stor-Age is an excellent choice. Offering a range of packing materials, including double-walled TV boxes, they aim to make your entire moving process more convenient. Head over to your local Stor-Age facility to pick up all your moving supplies or check out their online store.

Stor-Age’s TV box details are:

Sizes: 136cm x 22cm x 80cm

TV box price: R265,00

3. Eezi Move

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True to its name, Eezi Move specialises in simplifying the moving process. Their TV boxes are crafted with double-walled robust cardboard, ensuring maximum protection for your TV. With an emphasis on convenience, you can order your TV box and other moving supplies online with free delivery for orders over R1500.

Eezi Move offers the following TV box options:

Box Size Dimensions TV box Price
Medium TV box 40” (980mm x 155mm x 620mm) R87,06
Large TV box 55” (1330mm x 140mm x 815mm) R170,78

4. Boxman

Boxman TV Box

Boxman delivers a wide range of durable, double-walled TV boxes suitable for various sizes and types of TVs so that you can find the perfect fit. Their expertise in packaging materials makes them a reliable choice for safeguarding your electronic devices during the upheaval of a move. With 63 branches located across the country, you’re bound to find one near you. Otherwise, you can opt to order from their online store.

Here’s a look at their various TV box sizes and prices:

Box Size Dimensions TV box Price
Flatscreen 32” TV box 980mm x 155mm x 620mm R112,50
Flatscreen 47” TV box 1330mm x 140mm x 800mm R182,00
Flatscreen 55” TV box 1340mm x 160mm x 860mm R188,00
Flatscreen 75” TV box 1800mm x 220mm x 1100mm R470,00

5. Boxshop and Packaging

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Boxshop and Packaging caters to a broad spectrum of packaging needs, including the perfect TV box. Their universal TV box is a one-size-fits-all. For TV sizes from 32” to 80”, this box is made out of an inner box and an outer box that slides into each other to compensate for different sizes. This removes the worry of getting a box that’s either too big or too small for your TV.

Here are the Boxshop and Packaging’s TV box details:

Size: 32” - 80” (inner box: 1050mm x 1000mm x 155mm; outer box: 1055mm x 1000mm x 160mm)

TV box price: R245,53

6. Master Movers

Master Movers TV BoxMaster Movers supplies professional double-walled TV boxes and packing materials including cartons, wrapping, moving boxes and a wide range of covers — all at very affordable prices. They are a great option if you live in South Africa’s main cities, as they only operate in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban. Order online for it to be delivered to your door in time for moving day.

Here are Master Movers’ TV box offerings:

Box Size Dimensions TV box Price
Medium TV box 40” (980mm x 155mm x 620mm) R78,20
Large TV box 55” (1330mm x 140mm x 815mm) R155,25
Extra Large TV box 75” (1550mm x 140mm x 1200mm) R192,05

Need the Best Professionals to Help Move Your TV?

With the perfect TV moving box, you can now have the protection needed to transport it in your car. But if you don’t want to take that risk and rather want that extra level of protection to guarantee your TV makes it to its new home in pristine condition, then you need the best professional helping hands!

With Wise Move’s platform, you can find the most trusted and affordable moving services that will make sure your TV is 100% protected and handled with the utmost care.

Get your quick quote on Wise Move today for a smooth relocation of your TV.

TV Moving Services

Vetted moving companies service trusted by thousands of South Africans. Door to Door Delivery. Fixed Prices. Easiest Move Ever!

9.3 · 4,037 reviews
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