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Weekends in South Africa | A Cultural Guide

By · September 8, 2023
Weekends in South Africa | A Cultural Guide

Picture this: It’s Friday afternoon in South Africa- the Rainbow Nation comes alive with a vibrant tapestry of activities, each as diverse and colourful as its people. From the tip of the Limpopo to the shores of the Cape, here's a witty exploration of what South Africans get up to when the workweek curtain falls.

Braais, Beers and Biltong

If there's one thing that unites South Africans more than rugby, it's the beloved weekend braai (barbecue). It's a sacred tradition, and you can almost hear the sizzle of boerewors (sausages) and the tantalizing aroma of marinated steaks wafting through the air as Friday evening sets in. A braai is more than just a meal; it's a communal experience, an excuse to gather with friends and family and indulge in the joys of charred meat.

Now, for those who might've overindulged in their braai festivities, Saturday mornings often bring the dreaded babalas (hangover). But fear not, for South Africans have their secret weapon – biltong. This cured, dried meat is the ultimate hangover cure, and you'll find locals nibbling on it while reminiscing about the previous night's antics.

Adventures in the Great Outdoors

South Africa is a playground for outdoor enthusiasts, and weekends are the perfect time to explore its breathtaking landscapes. From the Drakensberg Mountains to the Cape Winelands, there's an adventure for everyone.

Hiking is a national pastime, and South Africans take to the trails with gusto. They're not just climbing mountains; they're conquering them. Lions Head, Table Mountain, and the Wild Coast are just a few of the majestic destinations where hikers can take in the awe-inspiring views.

For those who prefer their adventures on two wheels, mountain biking is a thrill-seeking must. South Africa's rugged terrain provides an exhilarating backdrop for cyclists, whether they're conquering downhill trails or embarking on epic cross-country journeys.

Beach, Please

South Africa boasts some of the most beautiful coastlines in the world, and weekends are the perfect time to soak up the sun, sea, and surf. Whether you're catching waves in Durban, building sandcastles in Port Elizabeth, or sipping cocktails in Clifton, the beach is a South African weekend staple.

And let's not forget about the food. Fish and chips, bunny chows, and fresh seafood are just a few of the coastal delights you'll find along the shoreline. Pair that with a cold beer or a glass of wine, and you've got yourself a seaside feast fit for a king or queen.

Check out the best beaches in South Africa to plan the perfect weekend away!

Culture Vultures and Urban Explorers

South Africans are also passionate about culture, and weekends often involve a trip to museums, galleries, or music festivals. The country's rich history and diverse heritage are on full display, from the Apartheid Museum in Johannesburg to the Iziko South African Museum in Cape Town.

In the urban hubs like Johannesburg and Cape Town, city dwellers flock to trendy markets, rooftop bars, and art exhibitions. It's a chance to experience the creative pulse of the nation and indulge in culinary delights from around the world.

Backyard Safari

For those who prefer a more relaxed weekend, there's nothing wrong with a bit of backyard safari. South Africa's wildlife is as diverse as its people, and many folks have the privilege of sharing their space with creatures like the mischievous dassie (rock hyrax) or the colourful birdlife that graces their gardens.

Are you ready for the weekend?

So, there you have it– a whirlwind tour of what South Africans get up to on weekends. From the sizzle of the braai to the crash of the waves, it's a nation that knows how to embrace the joys of life. So, if you find yourself in South Africa on a weekend, join the festivities, and you'll discover what it truly means to live as part of the rainbow nation.

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