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Renting Storage Units Pietermaritzburg | 6 Practical Tips You Need to Know

Renting Storage Units Pietermaritzburg | 6 Practical Tips You Need to Know

Do you need more storage space in preparation for your move? These recommendations will assist you in navigating the procedures of hiring a storage unit while relocating your belongings.

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Is the idea of a pending relocation making you weary? Won't renting a storage container help to reduce some of that tension and possibly even enable you to earn more money when you sell your house? A storage unit offers a haven for your belongings while you are amid a stressful relocation. A perk is that having more storage space will allow you to organize your home quite efficiently.

Not everybody requires storage when relocating. However, closure dates do not always coincide, and a storage unit goes from being a convenience to being a need while moving. Additionally, short-term storage facilities are great for transitory families that will be without a permanent residence for an extended period.

If you are planning a relocation and need a storage unit, take a few minutes to go over our moving storage unit recommendations. Maybe you will come across some useful suggestions that can assist you in staying on track.

Top 3 Storage Units in Pietermaritzburg, KZN

XtraSpace Pietermaritzburg

Storage Space PietermaritzburgXtraSpace Pietermaritzburg offers innovative storage solutions tailored to meet diverse needs. With a focus on convenience and security, they provide ample storage space for both personal and business requirements. Their commitment to exceptional service ensures a hassle-free experience for clients seeking reliable storage options.

Location: Pietermaritzburg, Willowton

Unit Sizes: 3 m2 to 34 m2

Ezeespace Self-Storage 

Ezeespace is your trusted local companion for storage needs in Pietermaritzburg. Catering to individuals and businesses alike, they provide customizable storage solutions with an emphasis on flexibility and accessibility. With Ezeespace, clients can find the perfect space to store their belongings, ensuring peace of mind and convenience.

Location: Pietermaritzburg, Willowton

Unit Sizes: 3 m2 to 20 m2

Store Away Pietermaritzburg

Store Away Pietermaritzburg stands as a dependable choice for storage solutions. Offering a range of storage units, they provide a secure and organized space for items of all sizes. With Store Away, clients in Pietermaritzburg can find a reliable partner to accommodate their storage needs efficiently.

Location: Pietermaritzburg, Mkondeni

Unit Sizes: 3 m2 to 18 m2

Renting Storage Tips

  1. Rent a Storage Unit

Storage Units Pietermaritzburg

One of the most important moving storage unit recommendations is to get started as soon as possible. Obtain a unit as early as you become aware of your upcoming relocation. This additional time enables you to begin packing as soon as possible rather than waiting until the very last minute.

Have a designated location for your boxes, whether you're decluttering your house to sell it quickly or packing up your flat so that you can completely clean it. Having a designated space for your boxes can allow you to maintain your property pleasant and stress-free during the relocation.

  1. Determine Which Storage Units Pietermaritzburg are the Most Suitable for Your Needs

Assess the appropriateness of storing items near your current or previous residence. If you are relocating out of the county, you may need to consider storing belongings close to your present residence before transferring them all at once. You should consider the preceding questions once you have whittled down the ideal place for additional storage space.

What Storage Unit Size Do You Anticipate Needing?

  • The 5-by-5-foot unit is ideal for storing light objects, such as books and cartons.
  • A 10-by-10-foot storage unit is ideal for a one-bedroom house.
  • A 10-by-20-foot storage container is ideal for a three- or four-bedroom house.
  • Additionally, there are a variety of unit sizes and units that may be used to store automobiles.

Is Climate Control Necessary?

  • Climate-controlled storage units may be a good option if you intend on storing artwork, gadgets, photographs, or other valuables.
  • Consider the length of time you will be storing, the season, and the objects you will be storing when choosing a storage unit.
  1. Get in Touch with Truck Rental Companies

When renting a storage unit, several companies provide complimentary moving vehicle rentals. Renting a moving truck may reduce your overall moving expenses while also streamlining the process of transporting items into and out of your storage container.

  1. Put Non-Essentials in a Different Storage for Staging Purposes

Storage Units Pietermaritzburg

It's a good idea to put all of your personal belongings in a storage unit if you're going to sell your house. Suppose you have two sets of cookware. Pack one pair and retain the other for usage in your kitchen until you are nearer to the day of your relocation.

Clothing that is out of season may also be packaged up and placed in a storage facility. The expense of hiring a storage container can seem somewhat inexpensive and beneficial if you stage your property well.

Read more about the different types of storage units.

  1. Keep Your Storage Unit Organized

We cannot emphasize enough how critical it is to make every effort to remain organized throughout the relocation process. As a way of encouraging our clients to remain on track, we developed the ultimate relocation checklist to assist them in their moving efforts. Please keep in mind that the moving and storage process might take a long time, particularly if you are attempting to sell your house at the same time.

Having a storage unit can benefit you in keeping your house orderly while you are moving. However, if your storage container is a huge disaster, this will be worthless. Starting with the first box you place in, keep your unit orderly as much as you can.

You may recall all things you placed in your storage unit when you originally put it there, but will you remember what's inside on relocation day? Probably not. The most straightforward method of avoiding uncertainty is to identify everything.

Other moving-related storage unit tips and tricks include:

When deciding where to store things, be sure to establish temporary lanes within your unit so that you can quickly reach your possessions.

Create a complete inventory method that incorporates a layout of the storage unit. Glue this diagram to the interior of the device and make changes to it as necessary.

If you have an additional car, consider putting it in storage while you are relocating. Once the relocation is complete, you may return to your previous location and pick up your extra car.

  1. Ask Experts for Advice

Storage Units Pietermaritzburg

Oftentimes your predicament is distinctive and necessitates the provision of specialized guidance. Make no apprehensions about seeking help from self-storage workers. We urge you to do so!

During your move, one of our employees at your self-storage unit will be available to assist you with any queries you may have concerning your storage unit. He or she may also be able to provide you with some useful moving suggestions that they have acquired through their years of experience in the industry.

A brief phone conversation should also provide you with the details you need about temperature control, size, and price. Remember to inquire about the possibility of visiting the unit at a time that works best for you. Make a reservation for a tour of the facilities the next time you are in the area.

Whatever you can undertake to alleviate anxiety during a relocation is well worth the time and energy invested. Making use of a self-storage facility while you are packing enables you to lessen the amount of mess in your house as well as the amount of stress you are undergoing.

Finally, when you rent storage space for relocating, you'll have lesser worries about meeting timeframes that are related to the relocation process.

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Vetted transport companies service trusted by thousands of customers. Door to Door Delivery. Any Item Type. Same Day Services. Fixed Prices.

9.3 · 3,531 reviews
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