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Start ringing the moving companies Johannesburg, you’re moving to Joburg!

Start ringing the moving companies Johannesburg, you’re moving to Joburg!

Moving companies in Johannesburg

Low-cost moving services in Johannesburg. Door to Door Furniture Delivery. Same Day Mover Services. Fixed Prices.

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What are you moving?

If you have ever dreamed of living in a megacity, Johannesburg might just be the perfect place for you. With a population of around 5 million residents (and growing!), Johannesburg is South Africa’s most populous city and is the 73rd highest-populated city in the world. And its number is tipped to grow by 66% to be sitting around the 7 million mark in the next ten years.

What this means is that Joburg is about to experience incredible economic growth as millions of people make the decision to relocate to the city in search of work and improved living standards.  

And it also means navigating an increasingly complex physical and cultural space for newcomers.

People from right across the country, the continent, and the world, commonly make the move to Joburg for the purposes of work. While many only stay on for the short term, most make the move a long-term one.

Whether you are in it for the short or long haul, it can be quite intimidating finding your way in this sprawling, densely built-up megacity. To help, here’s a roundup of important info about living and working in Joburg (or Jozi as it’s known by locals).

What to expect

The climate

Johannesburg weather and climateBuilt on an inland plateau, the Highveld, Joburg’s weather is mostly characterised by its dry climate. That is, of course, until one of its world-famous summer thunderstorms hit the city. Which is a sight you won’t tire of seeing, especially as these summer rains bring sweet relief from the city’s thin, dry air. But don’t despair. You won’t have too many rainy days as annual precipitation is only approximately 350mm. And, when combined with its average annual temperature of 17C, you will find Joburg to be a city that promotes living life in the great outdoors.

Get the latest Joburg weather forecasts via accuweather.com before you plan your next move exploring the city and its beautiful surroundings.

The scenery

The city itself, as well as Joburg’s surroundings, is full of amazing scenery: a result of both human and natural endeavours. For example, the Melville Koppies is a rugged hiking area situated near one of the city’s most sought-after lifestyle neighbourhoods. With evidence still in place of a Stone Age village, it’s obvious that Melville has always been a popular place with the locals for thousands of years! Located just 30 mins south of the Johannesburg CBD, Suikerbosrand Nature Reserve is a wilderness enthusiast’s dream. With over 13,000 hectares of wild plains and 66km of walking tracks to explore, hikers can choose from beginner to advanced trails to give themselves an appropriate level of challenge.

While on the way to Suikerbosrand, be on the lookout for antelope, hyenas, and cheetahs.

Natural scenery in Johannesburg

Cost of living

It might be called the City of Gold, but this doesn’t mean that average salaries are comparatively higher than elsewhere in South Africa. However, the cost of living in Johannesburg does tend to be lower than in Cape Town. According to one index, it is R1,500 a month cheaper to maintain an equivalent standard in Joburg when compared to Cape Town (when you rent). Best call up the movers today!


Apart from its surrounding natural beauty, eclectic mix of cultures, and love of all things sport, Johannesburg is also known in the world for its notorious traffic jams. However, the good news is that they are officially not the worst in worst in the country. That dishonour belongs to Cape Town. It’s a fact that Capetonians lose more of their precious time sitting in traffic than do those from Jozi. Not that people from Johannesburg are competitive or anything!

Stay up-to-date with what’s happening with traffic in Joburg by searching viamichelin.com for last-minute traffic info before setting off on your journey across Gauteng.


Johannesburg is a mecca for people from all walks of life, cultural origins, and belief systems. Whether they have semigrated from across the country or migrated from another African country or joined the throngs of Joburg residents from somewhere else in the world, new residents will be awestruck at the dazzling array of cultural variety that gives the city its character. It’s not an unusual sight to see Zulu, Tsonga, and Ndebele people working side-by-side on the same street selling their unique wares. The rich culture on offer is one reason why so many people move to a big city in the first place.

Indeed, when you move to Joburg and find yourself surrounded by people from all cultural extractions, you will become more open-minded. You will be charmed by the welcoming and inclusive nature of this city as well as learn from the multitude of cultural opportunities on offer.

Time to find the right moving companies Johannesburg!

Moving Services in JohannesburgOnce you’ve made your mind up to make your mark in the City of Gold, it’s time to plan your move there. Here are some useful tips to follow to ensure your big move to the big smoke of Johannesburg goes off without a hitch:

  1. Get super organised. The pro tip here is to use a checklist to plan what to pack, when to call in the movers, what you will need to start getting ready for when you arrive in Johannesburg, etc.
  2. Make the call on whether you will pack your entire house yourself or call in a team of expert house movers
  3. Follow a budget for your house move. Include in it such expenses as the cost of hiring a team of movers, any repair costs, cleaning fees, furniture storage, etc.
  4. Get your new house move-in ready by connecting all the different services e.g., phone line, electricity, gas, internet, etc.

Final thoughts

Now that you’ve made the big call to move to the big smoke, it’s time to call in a professional moving company. Doing so not only takes all the stress out of your move, but it is also incredibly time-efficient. If you can’t spare the time to pack your entire worldly possessions and lug them across the country yourself, there are teams of skilled experts who can! And with the competitive nature of the furniture removals industry, you are sure to find a reliable and affordable moving company to work with to ensure your move to Joburg is a success.

Moving companies in Johannesburg

Low-cost moving services in Johannesburg. Door to Door Furniture Delivery. Same Day Mover Services. Fixed Prices.

9.3 · 4,018 reviews
What are you moving?

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