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Household Items for Sale Port Elizabeth | Things to Sell Before Moving

By · May 20 2022
Household Items for Sale Port Elizabeth | Things to Sell Before Moving

We strive for environmentally-friendly and affordable living. However, there will be some matters that seem to only confuse you when you’re about to relocate to a new area. Determining which objects to sell or give out before your move and just buying another as soon as you’ve settled is a more convenient method to lessen the amount of load you’ll be handling and will help you cut down the moving expenses as well.

You need to keep in mind the relocation you’re planning as a motivation to go through your items and sort them out to identify which ones you’re going to keep. For those things you’ll be removing, you may sell or donate them to your friends, family members, relatives, or colleagues who might need or be interested in them. Remember that you can buy the things that you think you have given away since bringing a lot of items would entail additional moving costs and will have you exceeding your budget.

This decluttering situation will not have you compromising anything since you’ll only be eliminating items that aren’t of great importance or bringing value to you and will just purchase replacements for them. If you have plans to arrange your household items for sale Port Elizabeth, make sure you double-check which ones you’ll be selling and those you’ll simply give away.

Household Items for Sale Port Elizabeth: Things That You May Want to Get Rid Of

Household Items for Sale Port Elizabeth

Used Appliances

The choice is yours when deciding which appliances you will bring with you to your new home. To spare you from having to pay for extra changes, it would be better to give away the old appliances or sell them so you can use the money you’ve earned to buy a new one for your home.

You need to keep in mind that the weight and size of appliances you’ll be bringing with you will affect the moving costs you’ll have to pay to the moving company or mover. It also takes extra labour to have them loaded and unloaded inside the moving truck. The wisest thing to do is donate or sell them to your friends, family, workmates, or those who are willing to receive them.

Old Furniture Pieces

The same thing with the appliances, if you think the texture or overall quality of the furniture seemed worn out, you may give it away or sell them for a cheaper price. You may send them to the furniture makers who can reuse them to create another type of furniture. Furniture is also large in size and heavy in weight, so it would be best not to include a lot of them

Unused Clothes

I know that a lot of us have a mountain of clothes just piled in a section of our rooms and are left untouched. You need to go through all of your clothes and assess the ones that still fit you and will still be wearing. Separate those clothes that you’re not going to wear anymore from the ones you’re bringing with you to your new home. Make sure to pack the old clothes properly so that they’ll be ready when you sell or donate them.

Extra Blankets and Towels

Household Items for Sale Port Elizabeth

You don’t have to bring all the linens, towels, or blankets that you’ve been keeping for all those years. Look for those you can give away so that you don’t end up filling the packing boxes and bags with most of your linens. Maybe just pack 1 or 2 of them and donate the rest to others.

Spare yourself from all the inconvenience concerning the packing of these kinds of items by eliminating most of them out of your closet before moving. Selling and donating are the options you can consider when you deal with the number of linens in your cabinet. Make sure to only bring what you need so you won’t have to burden yourself with a large number of blankets and towels.

Things That Don’t Seem Useful to You

Sort through your gadgets, devices, books, and toy collectables and look for the things you’ve not seen lately. Clean the dust and other dirt found on their surfaces to keep them clean. If you’re willing to send some of them off, you can sell them online through marketplaces like Facebook marketplace or in garage sales and boutiques.

Identifying When to Sell or Donate the Items

Household Items for Sale Port Elizabeth

Taking inventory of the objects is necessary to assess which things are present and will still be used when living in the new house. We understand the struggle of determining whether you should remove the item or keep it. To guide you, here’s a list of questions that you should ask yourself before deciding on a choice:

  • Is it still functioning? If yes, proceed to the next question. If not, think if you could sell it.
  • Does it entail additional moving costs when transported? If you’ll be paying more just to pack and deliver to your new place compared to simply replacing it, just consider selling it instead.
  • Do you use it most of the time? Keeping an item makes no sense and only makes your room a bit crowded because of the space it occupies. Just sell it directly when you don’t use the object at all.
  • Do the items have sentimental value to you? Some things aren’t operational and are just very costly to move but at the same time, you can’t seem to get rid of them due to their sentimental value. As much as possible, decrease the items that you want to keep if you feel bad about giving them away.

Where to Sell the Items

Household Items for Sale Port Elizabeth

You should expect that not all of the items you’ve put up for sale will end up being bought by someone else. There will be objects left and you may consider marketplaces online to encourage other buyers to buy your stuff. For physical stores, if your neighbour offers to help you in selling your items during the yard or garage sales.

How About Those That You Can’t Sell?

Donating the clothes will be a good choice if you don’t like to keep them or you’re having a hard time selling them. Several organizations are willing to accept your items quickly. It’s better to send them off than simply leave them at your house to be filled with dust.


Going through all of your items is an extremely important task that must be observed at all times and determining which ones to keep or not is going to help you a lot in packing them.

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