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Best Van Dealers for Moving Companies in Cape Town

By · January 11 2022
Best Van Dealers for Moving Companies in Cape Town

The right moving van is essential to moving companies of any size. With the vast influx of people choosing to move to Cape Town for various reasons, now may be the right time to add or upgrade your fleet.

Better moving vans will allow you to offer efficient services to your customers while also improving the safety of your drivers. Choosing the right van does not have to be a daunting task. These days, you can find an array of adaptable moving van models that are fully equipped for all your customer needs. When looking for a van for your moving company, keeping the price as low as possible is crucial. However, it is not a good idea to compromise reliability or utility.

What to look out for when choosing a van for your move

When choosing a van, it is wise to research the following:

Making a list of requirements and drawing up a budget before approaching a dealer will give them a better idea of your requirements and will make the task of finding you a suitable vehicle so much easier.

Best vans for moving to Cape Town

Here is a list of vans that are best for moving in Cape Town.









Ford Transit Custom
R 581,800.00 2,600kg 6.83/6.23 cu. M 1909mm 3 2.2 Litre TDCI Diesel
Mercedes-Benz Sprinter
R 941,692.00 5,500kg 15.5 cu. M 3665mm 3 4-Cylinder Diesel
Peugeot Boxer
R 519,900.00 3,300kg 10 cu. M 2254mm 3 2.2 Litre HDI Diesel
VW Crafter
R 616,900.00 3,550kg 10.7-17.5 cu. M 2355mm 3 4-Cylinder Diesel
Toyota Quantum
R 559,600.00 3,500kg 6 cu. M 2280mm 3 4-Cylinder Diesel
Hyundai H1
R 559,900.00 3.242kg 4 cu. M 1935mm 3 2.5 Litre CRDI Diesel
Fiat Ducato
R 514,900.00 3,000kg 9.5 cu. M 1932mm 3 4-Cylinder Diesel
Suzuki Super Carry
R 159,900.00 1,600kg 750kg 1883mm 2 4-Cylinder Diesel
Kia K2700
R 300,995.00 2,850kg 1300kg 1975mm 3 4-Cylinder Diesel

Ford Transit Custom Moving Van

With the Ford Transit Custom, you can rest assured that your van will consistently deliver the proven durability and performance you need to take on the most challenging moves on your to-do list. The Transit Custom is available with a standard or long wheelbase and a regular or high roof. The popular 2.0-litre EcoBlue engine powers it.

 Ford Transit Features Include:

  • 1 505kg load-carrying ability on the 92kW Ambiente LWB
  • Driver and passenger airbags
  • 6-speed manual transmission
  • ABS braking system
  • Carries extra-long items up to 3.4m

This versatile vehicle can be found on the floors of Ford Tyger Valley. Their team of highly knowledgeable salesmen will walk you through the vehicle's features and accompany you on a complimentary test drive.



Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Moving Van

Look no further than the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter if you need a moving van that can perform heavy-duty tasks. A Sprinter can offer the comfort that your business will run smoothly with a van that operates 99.6% of the time.

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Features Include:

  • LED High-Performance headlamps
  • Active Brake Assist
  • Crosswind Assist
  • Lane Keeping Assist
  • 3 lengths to choose from
  • Fuel efficient
  • Keyless start

Mercedes-Benz Culemborg offers a beautiful showroom in the Cape Town CBD. Visit their branch to learn about the 20 years of innovation that have gone into making the Sprinter what it is today.

Peugeot Boxer Moving Van

The Peugeot Boxer is a van built for hauling large amounts of weight across town. This vehicle offers stability on the roads and is an easy, comfortable drive. The Boxer is fitted with the Common Rail injection system, which allows for better emission control, power, and fuel consumption.

Peugeot Boxer Features Include:

  • Fuel efficient
  • Low emission diesel engine
  • 1.422 m width at the wheel arch
  • 1.87 m interior width

CMH Peugeot Cape Town aims to give every customer the best deals on vehicles on their floor. CMH also offers pre-owned vans that go through proper quality checks to ensure that customers drive off with a vehicle in excellent condition.

VW Crafter Panel Moving Van

The Crafter is an adaptable panel van that can easily be converted into a moving van. This vehicle is an excellent buy if you are looking for a vehicle that can take on rough terrain. Even though it is a front-wheel-drive model, it adds a four-wheel-drive coupling that delivers power to the rear axle.

VW Crafter Features Include:

Volkswagen has been a trusted brand for many years. They are well established in Cape Town and are easily located at Barons Cape Town. If you are not ready to go into a branch just yet, you can also do an online quote, and an agent with further information will contact you.

Toyota Quantum Panel Moving Van

We see Quantum's on the road daily, but most do not know that they make excellent moving vans. The Quantum is great for individuals looking for the optimal professional moving transportation solution, with unwavering quality, durability, and reliability, as well as updated styling and robust safety features.

Toyota Quantum Features Include:

If you're looking for more information on Toyota's incredibly affordable panel van, look no further than Motus Toyota. They not only over a showroom but also offer service and part solutions. Through a conveniently placed dealership, they seek to exceed customer vehicle needs and expectations by associated items of excellent quality and exceptional service in the Cape Town market.

Hyundai H1 Moving Van

After undergoing extensive testing, the H1 has established a reputation as one of the toughest light commercial vehicles on the market. It has a sturdy, rugged appearance and is tiny enough to work in smaller settings, making it ideal for practicality and dependability. The H1 is sold as a van for many purposes. Its adaptability gives you the advantage of converting it to whatever type of transport vehicle you want if you change your mind.

Hyundai H1 Features Include:

  • Power steering
  • Remote Keyless Entry with Alarm 4 cylinder engine
  • Cruise Control

Hyundai has become an affordable and reliable brand in South Africa. They have a wide and trusted range of high-quality vehicles. Group 1 Auto Hyundai strives to uphold the values of Hyundai by ensuring they offer the best service, with sales staff who a skilled and trained on all the models available. A visit to their branch will leave you well informed on the H100.

Fiat Ducato Moving Van

If you're looking for an accessible commercial van, then the Fiat Ducato is your answer. This sleek-looking van manufactured in Italy is ideal for moving tall items and has an interior room that can carry large boxes. The Ducato is built to adapt to any job quickly and easily. Its versatility is unrivalled in the class, thanks in part to the maximum efficiency of its cargo compartment, which features full-height doors that open up to 270°. Every move will be done with an economical engine in terms of fuel consumption and emissions, making it dynamic and environmentally friendly.

Fiat Ducato Features Include:

  • 3 lengths to choose from
  • 2 different heights
  • Rollover mitigation to manage cornering
  • Holds capacities from 1 110 kg to 1 885 kg
  • Diesel 4 cylinder inline engine

Rola Fiat Somerset West is known for its excellent customer service. With a host of vehicles available on their floor, finding what you need is made easy. It may be a good idea to visit their branch to speak to their staff about your moving company vehicle needs. Their salesmen can offer you the best deals and advice to help you make the right decision.

Suzuki Super Carry Moving Van

This van most certainly gets the job done. With its slim design, it is perfect to use when manoeuvring the narrow suburban streets of Cape Town. Despite its modest and simplistic design, the Super Carry's cabin is efficient and large. It boasts a functional dashboard and a 7-position driver's seat slide that allows you to move about with ease. Add a canopy to it, and you have a covered van.

No matter the type of job you have, the Super Carry is designed to take it on. Regardless of its size, this van is dependable and will get you through some of the most challenging moves.

Suzuki Super Carry Features Include:

  • 750kg load capacity
  • Petrol fuel system
  • 5-speed manual transmission
  • Low fuel consumption

The goal of Mekor Suzuki Kenilworth is pretty simple, to provide you with the highest quality service and outstanding vehicles at affordable pricing. To become a chosen brand, they try to surpass your expectations. They offer in-house financing, insurance, and warranty coverage to make your purchase easier. Mekor Suzuki is not just a showroom, but they also house a service centre to ensure your vehicle is well-taken care of, giving it a longer lifespan.

KIA K2700 Workhorse Moving Van

The K2700 is powered by a robust 2.7 litre, 4-cylinder, naturally aspirated diesel engine from KIA, making it ideal for any move commercial tasks. While it may not look like it at first glance, K2700 is a hard-working machine. This vehicle is resilient and can carry larger weights by adding single or double rear wheels.

The Kia K2700 is one of the most economical and affordable in its range. It is easy to maintain, and spare parts are easily found in South Africa. It comes with a standard steel frame, ensuring the safety of both the driver and the passenger at all times.

KIA K2700 Workhorse Features Include:

  • Full-size spare wheel
  • Power steering
  • Canopy optional
  • 5-speed manual transmission

KIA is South Africa's largest automotive conglomerate and a diversified (non-manufacturing) automotive company. It employs a wholly integrated business model across the automobile value chain, namely Import and Distribution, Retail and Rental, Financial Services, and Aftermarket Parts, through four core business divisions.

KIA Tableview has the van your moving company needs right now. You can make an online query on the K2700 Workhorse, and a sales agent will contact you and possibly set up a test drive for you.

Buying vans for your moving company, Cape Town

The best van for your moving company is a personal choice. There is a wide variety to choose from in Cape Town. Although this may not be an easy choice, it all depends on the size of your business and your current budget.

When it comes to starting a moving company or maintaining your current fleet, choosing the correct van is likely the most critical purchase you'll make. Buying a van is not a one size fits all kind of decision; this is why it is essential to understand your business's needs and to shop around for what you are looking for.

Once you are done purchasing a van, make sure to add your company branding to the vehicle, as this is an excellent way of advertising your business. Ensure you have the right insurance for a business vehicle, and both you and your drivers are covered. You never know when you may need this, so it is vital to have your basics covered.

It is recommended you read the manufacturer's specifications on the upkeep of your moving van. Regular services and checks on the vehicle will keep your business running smoothly. A well-kept vehicle will give the vehicle longevity and better selling power when you are ready to upgrade to a newer vehicle.

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