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4 Tips for Finding the Right Size of Moving Boxes for Sale Edenvale

By · May 21 2022
4 Tips for Finding the Right Size of Moving Boxes for Sale Edenvale

The stress associated with relocation is an inevitable aspect and as much as we want to avoid it, the amount of things that need our attention only contributes to our increasing distress. Although the packing stage of a move seems to be a simple task compared to the actual loading and unloading of the items, this shouldn’t be overlooked especially in choosing the right kind of packing materials that are suitable for your move.

One fact that is true for all relocations is that they aren’t possible if not for the boxes. You may not know where to look for reliable boxes that can hold the weight of your items. So before proceeding to buy boxes for sale in Edenvale, read through the article first so you can figure out what to accomplish during the packing process.

Moving Boxes for Sale Edenvale: Tips to Find the Right Size 

1. Identifying the Appropriate Places to Get Moving Boxes

You need to know that the emphasis should be on the quality of the boxes you have and not where you obtained them. So regardless of whether you were able to get your boxes from your local mart or a friend for free, what should matter the most is whether the conditions of the boxes are capable enough to hold the weight of the contents.

Moving Boxes for Sale Edenvale

There are myriad sources on where to look for moving boxes such as hardware stores, wineries, and supermarkets which they can just give for free but some require payment for a fixed amount of boxes. 

To ensure that you don’t go over your moving budget, we suggest that you utilize a combination of boxes where you can buy a few new boxes from physical stores or online shops and ask for unused or secondhand boxes, baskets, or containers from friends, relatives, or colleagues. Listed below are the number of sources where you can find moving boxes:

On the Internet:

● Buy Nothing Project and other give-receive network groups

● The Freecycle Network and other nonprofit organizations with similar movements

● Nextdoor and other neighbourhood network sites

● Facebook Marketplace or groups

● Craigslist and other advertisements promoters

Physical Establishments:

● Grocery stores and mini-marts

● Wineries and liquor stores

● Department stores and boutiques

● Home improvement and hardware stores

● Well-known big-box stores like retail shops

Remember to seal your boxes properly once filled with items and to ensure that they are shut tight and are placed with numerous tapes all over so that even when transported during long distances, they won’t automatically open when moved.

2. A Single Box Size Doesn’t Automatically Fit Every Object

Moving Boxes for Sale Edenvale

As much as possible, fight the urge to not purchase the large-sized boxes just to cut down expenses. Sure the box is large enough to accommodate a lot of things inside but the quality of the items is jeopardized.

● Follow the maximum box weight to 40 pounds or you have to be prepared for the risk when you overfill it with items.

● Keep in mind not to underfill boxes because they’ll just crush if another box sits on top once you stack them 

● Remember to let heavier items fit in smaller boxes while lightweight ones should occupy the larger boxes.

Note: You’ll be needing several medium-sized boxes due to their versatility. The common box sizes are enumerated 

Usual box sizes

Moving boxes are manufactured in various sizes and particular items can only fit a certain box size.

● Small — Has dimensions of 16" x 12" x 12" and is ideally suitable for books, CDs and DVDs, kitchen gadgets other smaller devices. 

● Medium — Has dimensions of 18" x 16" x 18" and would perfectly fit objects like towels and decorative ornaments.

● Large — Has dimensions of 18" x 18" x 24” and are suitable for small appliances, beddings, drapes, large blankets, and smaller pillows and bags.

● Extra-large — Has dimensions of 24" x 20" x 24" to hold lightweight items that are large like large blankets, comforters, pillows, and sports equipment. 

Special-sized boxes 

Specialty boxes are suitable for items with unusual shapes or forms and even those objects that require extra protection.   

● Wardrobe or cabinet boxes — These are usually large boxes that are attached with a rod across the top to hang the clothes during the move

● Plate and glassware boxes — These are boxes placed with partitions to hold fragile or breakable kitchen items like glasses, dishes, and mugs.

● Mirror and photo boxes — These are boxes that are thin-shaped and flat and are designed to hold things like artworks, framed paintings, and mirrors. 

● Television boxes — These boxes are made to protect flat-screen televisions during the move

● Lamp boxes — These boxes are made to protect lamps and similar objects during relocation

● Office or document boxes — These are small to medium-sized boxes with handles and removable tops made to fit papers and other small office objects

3. Other Alternatives for Cardboard Moving Boxes

Moving Boxes for Sale Edenvale

Similar to many, you may probably have a lot of plastic moving boxes or containers stacked in your basement, storage, or spare rooms since they are well-kept within such areas. Visit them to check if these items are still in good condition to fill with your belongings once you have plans to move. 

However, if you do not have such items, you may use your bags or luggage to fit your items inside. Plastic bins are good alternatives too, as well as laundry baskets and pails. Small buckets are good for smaller items. Just use your creativity in checking which objects at home could pass as a moving box or container so you can transport many items at once.

4. Try Carrying the Boxes Filled with Your Belongings to Check if They’re Okay for Relocating

Moving Boxes for Sale Edenvale

As soon as you’ve finished filling the containers and boxes with contents, check whether you can carry them. Assess whether there are movements inside the containers. Are the fragile items still intact? If you can stack the boxes in the moving truck, do that so there’ll be more space for more boxes and items. Checking the condition of your boxes and containers when filled with contents will help you evaluate whether they’re good to go for moving.


Loading and unloading boxes are difficult tasks but packing is also another mind-boggling activity related to relocations. That means getting the right sizes of boxes is necessary to ensure that all items fit inside and are in good condition during the moving process.

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