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Hiring a Removal Company Johannesburg | 11 Ways to Save Money

By · April 28 2022
Hiring a Removal Company Johannesburg | 11 Ways to Save Money

Due to the increasing fuel prices and decreasing number of removalists, the moving costs of a full-service relocation have also increased in recent years. As a result, many have resorted to doing the move by themselves in order to cut down the expenses and instead save the money for other important purchases.

However, there are moving situations that would really require you to seek the services of a moving company. We know that you want to pay for their services that are not over your budget. Hiring a removal company in Johannesburg could mean paying for their services which may be costly on your part. That’s why we’ve come up with a list of ways to help you save and pay moving expenses that don’t go over your budget.

Ways to Save Money When Getting the Services of a Removal Company Johannesburg

Avoid setting your relocation on holidays and weekends

Flexibility should be part of your relocation plans. As much as possible, you should schedule your move in months when there are not many holidays. This also applies to weekends as well. Removal companies tend to charge extra during these days so to save money from paying extra, avoid moving on these specific days. We recommend that you move during the middle of the month when the demand for relocation services is low compared to the beginning of the months where it is high.

You can even save more money if your items could be combined with other shipments if you have a few things to move.

Decluttering is the key to moving fewer items

Begin going through your things at least a month or three to four weeks before your target moving day. Sort out the things in every room of your house and ask yourself, ‘Do I really need this?’ If not, then you can simply eliminate them out of things you’ll bring with you as you relocate.

You have several options on what to do with them: donate to others, sell them to friends and family, or just throw them away.

Be knowledgeable of the things you’re moving

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Inspecting all areas of your property should be done several times so that you are aware of the things that you’ll bring with you as you transfer to a new location. A representative of the moving company may personally visit your property and check which items would be included in the relocation. This is necessary for them to estimate the moving quotes as the number of things and their weight will affect the computation of the quotation.

Packing the items on your own

There are removal companies that offer packing services and expect it to be quite costly since you are not only paying for the labor but also their packing materials too. However, if you can do the packing yourself, then that’s much better since you can cut down on the additional expenses. You don’t have to do the packing in one day.

Removal Company Johannesburg

You may fill one box at a time. For fragile items, you need to have a separate box for them and they must be packed carefully using additional packing materials like papers and bubble wraps. Remember to label the boxes with the names of the items and the room where they belong as a guide to the movers and you as well.

Keep in mind that each box you pack is an effort you’ve made to save money. But you also need to know that availing moving insurance, won’t cover the items you’ve packed. So best if you can avail of insurance that covers the items so that they are compensated should there be damages on the items while transferring them.

Estimate the number of packing materials to buy

You need to ensure you have enough amount of boxes, bubble wraps, and tapes to cover the entire packing activity within your house. It’s better to have extra than to be short on the materials. This also means you need to budget the materials by packing them in a way that spaces inside the boxes are occupied and the tapes are used wisely.

Dismantling furniture pieces and appliances

Removal Company Johannesburg

If you have pieces of furniture that could be disassembled, then it is better if you do it yourself rather than have the movers do them as it will surely entail additional charges if you let them do it for you. Take a picture of the furniture or appliances before disassembling so you have a guide to check when it’s time to reattach their pieces. Ensure that the screws and parts are kept in a bag or box so they won’t get lost.

Move the items to a single area

It would help lessen the moving area by making it easier for the movers to do their tasks especially when you’ve gathered all the items to be transferred to one area on the ground level of your home. This is necessary so that when the movers arrive at your area, it would be easier for them to get the boxes and load them into the vehicle.

Just make sure the area is easily accessible and free from any obstructions so that traveling to and from the house would be less stressful. Just also make sure that you’re aware of the number of boxes and items that will be transported to your destination.

Keep all receipts from the move

If your relocation is qualified for tax deductions for some business reasons, you need to keep all receipts and consult a professional about this.

Availing insurances for your relocation

If you have homeowner insurance, this may be applied to cover your relocation so that you won’t have to purchase another insurance protection. Discuss with the moving company about this and ask them what insurance policies they offer and their coverage of these insurances.

Buy whatever items you’ll need on the moving day

Since your relocation day would be jam-packed with activities related to the move, you should already buy the things that you might probably need on that specific day. Food, water, and other necessities should already be prepared so that all you need to do is get them during the break.

Inquire the moving company everything about a relocation

If you have a specific budget and you wish not to go over it, discuss with the moving company about the moving costs. Some companies introduce services that you can avail for you to see which of them could be done on your own and save money solely for transporting the items.

Be specific about what you want so that the company can work out with the budget you’ve stated and the costs of their services.


Saving money is one of the priorities of many homeowners who wish to relocate. Of course, no one wants to transfer while having to pay moving expenses that exceed their budget. So, we need to take whatever measures just to ensure that we get to pay for the necessary moving costs we’ve availed and avoid including unnecessary expenses.

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