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12 Best Places to Find Moving Boxes Gauteng

By · May 15 2022
12 Best Places to Find Moving Boxes Gauteng

When we say relocation, what automatically enters our minds are packing and packing materials. But we know that spending money for these things would be another burden since you've probably allotted most of your money for hiring movers and the moving truck rental. It would totally be of great help if someone would be offering you packing materials for free. However, it would take a miracle for it to be true.

It would be great to just receive lots of boxes as these are the essentials among the packing materials that you will need. But did you know that you can actually get them for free just within your area? Just exploring where to find such items would be surprisingly easy since they are mostly available in many establishments. So when you plan to search for moving boxes in Gauteng, be prepared to collect a lot of them on your way!

Where You Can Find Moving Boxes GautengMoving Boxes Gauteng

Friends and Acquaintances

Normally, your friends would be one of the first people you would be asking for such items. Send a message directly or upload a post on your social media accounts stating that you’re willing to accept unused boxes for your packing needs just so the information can reach those people who have them and are willing to donate. Nothing can beat the power of numbers when it comes to helping one another.

Offices and Industry Establishments

If your workplace accommodates lots of deliveries daily or is engaged in exportations and importations, then you’re at a great advantage. Try asking your colleagues about taking home several boxes for your relocation and they might even give you more than what you need. Just make sure to check the quality of the boxes before getting them.

Yard or Garage Sales

If one of your friends or neighbours is organizing a garage sale, they’re surely decluttering their space and eliminating their things. This would be a perfect time to ask if they have some free cardboard boxes to spare to lighten the load of the objects that are just taking up unnecessary space in their homes. You’ve not only helped them clear up the clutter in their house, but also gained some free boxes!

From an Individual Who Just Become a New Tenant

You probably have heard about a friend or someone you know that just moved into a new apartment or unit. Communicate with your colleagues, relatives, neighbours, former classmates, or friends to make your search for free moving boxes a bit easier. There are times when strangers are willing to give out boxes to you and when that happens, make sure you ask for their name so you can give them a small gift and a thank you note as an expression of your appreciation for the gesture they’ve extended.

Common Areas That May Keep Some BoxesMoving Boxes Gauteng

Recycling or Waste Reimagination Centers

These environmental innovation hubs are where the wastes are managed and transformed with a touch of innovation. Their processes involve breaking down materials to develop a reimagined product. However, you might want to visit them to request some cardboard boxes that you can reuse for personal needs.

University or School Mailrooms

Mass online book purchases from students usually happen each school semester and this results in mailrooms being occupied by lots of boxes. This would be a perfect reason to drop by the mailrooms and politely ask if you can take a specific number of boxes to utilize for your move.

Another suggestion would be checking out dormitories or nearby apartments and units to see if there are students who just have finished unpacking all of their belongings and are about to discard the boxes. Approach them if you could receive those boxes so that they could still be reused for the same purpose. 

Apartment and Units

Apartment or rental residential units are some of the appropriate locations to ask for free moving boxes. Give a visit to their stockroom or storage to inspect if there are untouched cardboard boxes that are still perfect for holding several items. Be sure that you’ve informed the property owner when getting the boxes so they know who’s accessed their rooms. 

Searching Free Boxes in Retail Shops and Businesses

Moving Boxes Gauteng

Nearby Orchards or Mini-Farms

If you intend to cut down many moving expenses as much as possible, you need to exhaust all means to get free boxes. If you’re near an orchard or a small farm, you may opt to borrow or rent wooden crates to hold fragile or breakable belongings. Crates are much more capable to handle heavier things and if they’re willing to give them to you for good, you can utilize them as ornaments for your house interiors.

Groceries, Mini-Marts, or Supermarkets

We know mini-marts and groceries to be the common places where many purchase their food, drinks, and necessities. It is also the source of several crates, boxes, and containers of similar type. Talk to the shop manager or employee if they can release some of the boxes for public consumption.

Liquor Stores and Wineries

Have a look inside your local liquor shop or nearby winery to search for boxes in good condition that are stocked in their warehouse. Most of their boxes have handles or covers in them which makes the box more secure when transporting them anywhere. Ask permission to take them then you can also buy some wine while you’re at it!

Car Tools and Accessories Stores

Boxes with large spaces are going to be hard to locate if you don't try hard enough when searching for them. Those stores that supply the vehicle essentials and accessories would be a good place to try if they have spare boxes to share. They’d be grateful when you help declutter the boxes that only were left to occupy the spaces on their property.

Well-Known Large Retail Stores

These places are guaranteed to have free and vacant boxes as they deal with a mass supply of all kinds of items most of the time. Their stockroom would surely be filled with empty boxes waiting to be discarded or used to pack the items upon checking out. So the next time you do your grocery, make sure to save the boxes you collect for your move. Keep them in a secure location so they are free from any substances like liquids that damage the surfaces.


Your search for free moving boxes shouldn’t end here. You should go beyond what was indicated here and rely on your creativity such as utilizing containers like pails, buckets, or baskets and filling them with items. Maximizing other household items would also help in cost-cutting during your relocation.

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