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Moving Boxes Cape Town | How to Pack Your Things Properly When Moving

By · May 19 2022
Moving Boxes Cape Town | How to Pack Your Things Properly When Moving

When you’re about to pack your stuff before the moving day, shoving the contents into boxes or bags is a bad practice. You need to carry out the necessary steps in packing efficiently so you don’t forget anything and at the same time, the items are well-arranged and packed carefully. Thus, you need to find packing materials of good quality, like sturdy moving boxes in Cape Town to hold the weight of your belongings.

We’ve gathered some effective packing tips that you can apply to make your packing process a convenient experience for your relocation.

Moving Boxes Cape Town: The Right Way to Pack Your Things

Buy or Collect the Needed Packing Supplies

Before anything else, investing in moving boxes is a must. These things are important because they are made for the intended purpose of transporting and keeping items, both fragile and non-fragile objects. If you stick to used and weak boxes, they may end up getting destroyed while in transit and drop the contents inside the moving vehicle. What’s even worse is that your things may be left infected by pests.

Other Moving Supplies You Also Need to Consider:

  • Packing tapes, fragile tape, and scissors
  • Labels and papers
  • Packing or kraft paper, styrofoam peanuts, bubble wraps

Sort and Organize Your Things by Room or Label

Moving Boxes Cape Town

Plan which items should go inside your first box then start packing the things belonging in one of your rooms. As much as possible, gather the items with similar weight and form before placing anything inside the first packing box. For example, you can pack all your collectables that are displayed on one of your shelves in one box.

Note: Cover your collectables with scratch papers or tissue papers before you put them in the box to protect them from getting destroyed easily while in transit.

Avoid Leaving a Lot of Space Inside the Moving Boxes

Moving Boxes Cape Town

If you’re packing a box full of unbreakable items, make sure to occupy every space inside while not making it too heavy. Keep in mind that boxes that have a lot of free spaces inside might end up collapsing or folded when they are stacked with boxes on top. You may also put extra packing papers inside just to fill the spaces before closing the box.

On the other hand, boxes must be filled with at least two layers of packing paper on all corners inside before placing the items.

If you can weigh your boxes, you can just check that they don’t exceed at least 30 pounds. Allot the smaller or medium boxes for the larger or heavier items while the bigger boxes for lightweight objects. This method is essential for easier transport.

Allow Extra Time or Days for Packing Breakable Objects

Not rushing the packing of your fragile items will ensure that they are packed with extreme care so that they won’t be broken into pieces while the vehicle sends them to your new address. It will always be better to pack them with a lot of protection than to risk packing them with a single layer of packing paper or bubble wrap. Don’t lay the plates flat inside the box but lay them on the side. With the bowls and mugs, use styrofoam or paper as divisions while placing them between each other.

Ensure Sealing the Boxes Shut and Label Them Clearly

Moving Boxes Cape Town

Upon finishing the filling of boxes, make sure to close each box with loads of tape. This could be done by wrapping the top and bottom sides of the boxes. Be sure to check if the flaps of the boxes are entirely closed and are sealed properly. Sealing them well will prevent the boxes from getting ruined when stacked inside the moving truck and no item will fall out.

Lastly, place visible labels on every box indicating which rooms they belong to and the things inside. This will be of great help both to you and the movers because it will serve as their guide when putting your boxes inside the house quickly.

What to Do When Stacking and Loading the Boxes Inside the Moving Truck

Moving Boxes Cape Town

1. Load the Moving Truck with the Heaviest Boxes First.

This method also applies when you're keeping the boxes in warehouse storage. Stack the boxes by putting the heaviest boxes first and placing the lighter boxes on top of them. If you don’t arrange the boxes in this manner, you’ll end up with ruined objects and folded boxes since the distribution of weight isn’t equal.

2. Stack the Boxes in a Brick-like Arrangement.

Remember that you aim to send your items to your new place while maintaining the same condition they had before placing them inside the boxes. Instead of placing all boxes on the bottom, place them inside like bricks, prioritizing the heavier ones first and then the lighter ones on top. This will also prevent the boxes from falling and breaking the objects inside.

3. Leave Spaces Between Box Stacks When Putting Them in the Rooms of Your New House.

You may store your boxes in your storage area but it only works if you can easily locate the things that you will need. You’ll end up knowing where all of your things are stored upon moving in. But, visiting the storage room in your new place and ending up entirely confused as you have no idea which things are inside every box.

This should be a learning experience that when it comes to unloading the boxes from the vehicle, you need to organize their arrangement before putting them inside the storage room. Ensure that there are aisles that will function as your pathways to give you better access to each box. This also is applicable when loading them into the truck.


While ensuring that the items are safely delivered to your house, it is also necessary to give the same attention to how you pack and load them into the truck. The packing process needs to be meticulous enough in a way that you don’t confuse yourself and the movers, most especially that they handle the lifting and loading of the boxes. Moreover, the arrangement of boxes can affect the conditions of your items so be careful in handling them. We hope our guide has helped you in managing your future relocation plans.

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