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Making Your Move With The Best Moving Companies Durban

By · March 22 2022
Making Your Move With The Best Moving Companies Durban

Admit it. You’ve grown used to doing the same thing day in, day out. You’ve grown tired of your routine and it’s time to move on. After all, a fresh start is scientifically proven to do you the world of good. And there’s a reason why so many people are choosing Durban as their preferred destination to begin their fresh start. The city is rich in opportunity. Not only that but it’s also surrounded by amazing and inspiring scenery. And when you combine all of this with a lower cost of living and world-class facilities and services, one thing becomes abundantly clear. It’s time to move to Durban!

But before you call around trying to find the best moving companies, it’s time to discover exactly what this city by the shore has in store.

Natural scenery

Durban is essentially a city built in the middle of a forest. A forest by the beach. And it’s the laid-back, unique beach lifestyle that draws many visitors to Durban in the first place. However, there’s more to Durban than simply hanging out at the beach all day. Lush hiking trails towards the outskirts of town lead you to beautiful places that demand to be explored. Places like Paradise Valley Nature Reserve. With 100 hectares of coastal grassland reserve to explore as well as a majestic waterfall to find, make sure you pack a lunch. And when you’re done exploring for the day, it’s time to journey back to the beach for afternoon drinks at Beach Bums. Life is good.

Pleasant climate

The summers in this part of the world are hot and humid and full of long, sunny days. Summer in Durban lasts from November until the middle of April, so you will have plenty of time to soak up the sun whilst you relax at the beach. Don’t be surprised to experience an afternoon or evening thunderstorm as these can be quite common. After living in Durban for long enough you will begin to welcome the summer rain to relieve the humidity build-up. Even the winters in Durban are a sunny affair, with an average temperature of 20°C.

Weather is one of the main advantages of making the move to Durban as you’ll be able to enjoy life in the great outdoors throughout the year.

Opportunity knocks!

There is an ambitious plan underway to transform Durban into the continent’s most liveable city by 2030. Spring-boarding off the city’s already stellar reputation as a tourism hotspot, city authorities have given the green light for R35 billion to be invested in upgrading Durban’s waterfront precinct. What this will mean for the city is a steep increase in job opportunities and business growth and an increased standard of living for the inhabitants.

The modernisation of Durban’s waterfront will see a raft of massive building projects designed to bring in the tourists. And when the tourists do arrive, they will further enhance the eclectic, multicultural, and thriving culture that Durban is known the world over for.

Moving to Durban: What you need to know

When you’re considering a move to Durban, there are certain things you must know about the city. One of the most important things to realise is that there is actually a significant difference in terms of security and comfort levels across Durban’s neighbourhoods. Beachfront neighbourhoods are always going to be better policed, safer, and more central; however, they are also a lot noisier. Not to mention more expensive to move into.

Apartments are the most common property type in this area of the city and range in cost from about R6,000 to R13,500 a month. If you still want to live by the beach, consider the North Coast beach area. This is also a safe option and shares a similar housing price range with the more central areas, except it’s a lot more residential and quieter.

Durban North is also a popular residential choice for many families who move to Durban. With its excellent schools, larger property sizes, and easy access to the freeway leading into the city centre, the north of Durban is a particularly good choice for new residents to the city. That is if you can afford it, as property values in this area have experienced a lot of growth in the last 10 years. Nevertheless, you are sure to find somewhere great to live in this most liveable city, whatever your budget.

Tips on moving to Durban

Finally, let’s look at some useful tips to making your move to Durban a successful one:

  1. Use a house moving checklist to ensure you don’t forget a thing on your “to-do” list
  2. Decide whether you want to pack yourself or leave it to the team of professional movers
  3. Set a house moving budget for expenses such as cost of movers, repairs and cleaning costs, furniture storage and/or purchasing new furniture, etc.
  4. Organise all the important paperwork (i.e. passport, identification, financial records, job application documents) that you will need on the other end of your trip in Durban in a safe place
  5. Connect all the different services in your name in your new house in Durban such as electricity, internet, gas, etc.

Time to call the best moving companies Durban

When you’ve made the big decision to move to a new city, it’s time to get called in the movers. Working with a professional moving company will help make your move to Durban a successful one. You won’t have to worry about a thing, apart from getting in some serious sun, sea, sand, and surf in your new city by the shore!

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