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8 Issues I Encountered When I Hired Furniture Removal Companies Near Me

By · March 27 2022
8 Issues I Encountered When I Hired Furniture Removal Companies Near Me

Doing an interstate move is a combination of worry and excitement because it’s one of the most anticipated events in your life where you are about to gain new experiences in a new location and other aspects of your life. It’s also something that you would extremely worry about because of all the preparations you need to set to ensure a safe and smooth move.

Common Problems I Experienced When I Looked for Furniture Removal Companies Near Me

If a normal interstate move is already very tedious, how much more for an interstate move? One shouldn’t take the task very lightly, especially since the procedures needed to be carried out aren’t simple. You need to account for a lot of things and ensure that each and every action is performed correctly.

It is safer to expect that you will be encountering issues on the actual day of your interstate move. Before you type ‘furniture removal companies near me (South Africa)’ on your phone, you need to be aware of the possible problems that may arise during your move.

Failing to do a background check on the moving company

It’s easy to be attracted to removalist companies that persuade you into hiring their services for a very affordable price. Although there really are companies that offer those kinds of prices, keep in mind that this may be a method they’ve employed to scam you. Many are still not aware of such things happening and only will discover them when the company duns away already with the money they’ve paid them.

What to do:

Be careful with the companies that adopt a payment-first policy or quickly demand your payment before the day of the move because it’s an easy method to take advantage of your money. One of the most crucial things to do when consulting moving companies is to investigate their reputation. Look for the feedback from their previous customers and read through the experiences they had with the company. It’s an unsaid rule that companies with many complaints and bad experiences from their clients should be crossed from your list even if they offer the lowest prices.

The ones to trust are those moving companies where their clients openly share their good experiences with them. This is an indication that the services they provide are legitimate and excellent. So look out for those companies who have built their good reputation and are known for their professionalism and exceptional services.

Underestimating the level of planning and preparation that should be done

Admit it, there are tendencies wherein we assume things are easy and quick to do which often end up having to do them last minute. Well, it’s high time to stop this kind of mindset and instead start planning. You cannot cram your way up to the moving day, so if you want to avoid the majority of the issues, equip yourself in becoming proactive and begin with going through the items at your home. Start setting a schedule in advance so you have a reliable timetable to guide you throughout the move.

We know you have trust in your skills but when you rely too much on yourself without doing anything, you might be overlooking some matters along the way.

What to do:

Plan three months or more ahead of the target month you’ve set for the interstate move. How many weeks will you need for classifying and organizing your belongings? Will you do the packing of the items yourself? Which pieces of furniture will you have to be transferred? Which removal companies are you considering for the removal? These are just some of the questions you need to ask yourself while creating your timetable. You will always refer to your table to meet what is required within the given timeframe.

For a more reliable schedule, tick those activities that were already accomplished as well as the updates about them. Were there changes that needed to be applied for the task to be executed? Note everything so you can keep track of the progress of your moving plans.

Not setting ample time for the removalists to do the moving

Many still people think that scheduling an appointment with moving companies would be done with a snap of a finger. Unfortunately, this is not the case because the company still needs to check if the transportation and the staff needed are all available. Some companies are strict about their appointment policies. Usually, you have to approach them weeks or months before your intended moving day.

Furthermore, the moving process will also depend on their schedule too. So, if you want the moving to be done on a day when they are fully booked, then they won’t accommodate you. The moving process isn’t done within minutes or hours, so expect that it is time-consuming especially if you have a lot of things to transfer.

What to do:

Interstate moves would require weeks for moving companies to prepare the things needed to be done so you should have identified the company that you think can meet your expectations. Allot a few months for them to execute whatever tasks are necessary for a smooth interstate move.

On the other hand, you can make things a lot easier when you commit to the time you’ve set for organizing and packing your items months ahead.

Don’t pressure yourself into finishing everything in a week or less. Doing things early saves you from the stress of rushing to accomplish the activities involved before the move. The more you get to avoid missing important things as you have enough time to check everything before they are loaded into the transportation.

Moving costs and additional fees are miscalculated

This is a common scenario for many especially when they’re not aware of the inclusions in the quotation provided by the company. Moreover, they’re not prepared for the additional charges that come in the middle of the move and are not knowledgeable about the distance between the point of origin and the destination.

What to do:

To prevent yourself from the dilemmas concerning the moving costs, request the moving company to provide you with a list of all the services included in computing the quotation. The same applies to the additional charges in availing of the separate services that they also offer.

Not preparing the needed documents on time

One of the most important things that you should never forget is organizing and sorting all of the crucial documents before the moving day. This includes your birth certificate, licenses, passports, identification cards, and the like. They must be in a separate envelope so that it would be convenient for you to locate and hold them.

When setting an appointment with the moving company, they’ll be requesting you to submit particular documents that you need to prepare ahead of time. Forms needed for the insurance or the renting of a vehicle or warehouse should be accomplished and submitted on time.

What to do:

To keep everything prepared and ready, have your company release a list of the required documents needed to be accomplished for the interstate move weeks or months before the target day. Be sure to have a backup copy of the list in order to avoid forgetting one or two documents.

It is of great importance too to know about the addresses of the government offices and financial institutions in the new location you’re going to stay so that as soon as you’ve arrived there, you can immediately work on the important documents.

Improper disposal of waste

Just because you don’t need some objects, doesn’t mean you have to leave them behind or simply chuck them away anywhere. You still have to leave the old house completely clean as well as its surroundings.

What to do:

Although discarding items is one of the easier ways to save yourself from more expenses brought by transporting several items, you also have to think of ways to discard them properly. Just be sure you only bring with you those items that you really need. You can either put them in boxes and wait for them to be collected by the garbage collectors or have the company handle the disposal instead. You don’t have to worry about waiting for the garbage collectors or leaving them behind in your old home since the movers can also manage them for you.

Poor packaging for the fragile and breakable items

Packing fragile items or objects that can be deformed easily can require extra work and materials that sometimes we don’t exert enough effort to keep in a safe condition during the move.

What to do:

Indicate to the moving company all the objects that are fragile or vulnerable to deformation that you will be moving so that they are aware which things ould need extra caution in handling.

Sturdy boxes and bubble wraps are materials that would lessen the risk of items breaking while in transit but remember to pack them well in layers. Put enough tape to secure that the boxes are closed and the bubble wraps are attached well.

Remember to label the boxes as well to know which boxes contain the fragile items or have a fragile sticker label attached to them. For fragile items, it’s better to wrap them in newspaper or old paper before placing them inside the box so that it doesn’t hit the other contents inside.

Not issuing disconnection of utilities and other subscriptions before moving out

Before you leave your old home, you have to take care of the monthly or yearly subscriptions and connections you had and settle any outstanding bills. Forgetting them is an unacceptable excuse so it’s better to manage them weeks or months before your move.

What to do:

Have a list of all the subscriptions and utilities you have availed of and contact them for any unsettled matters. After that, request for disconnection and return whatever needs to be returned. Say, if you have to return the Internet router to the telecommunication company then accomplish it immediately.


These are probably just a few of the common mistakes that may emerge before, during, and after the move. We are used to responding to these issues, instead of preventing them. But when you plan an interstate move, a smart strategy is anticipating the possible problems and resolving them immediately rather than being unprepared at all.

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